Friday, October 13, 2017

Halloween Giveaway and Enduring Bond Tease

It is Friday the 13th! Some would say that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day but today at RWBB I am here to say that it is indeed lucky.

Why? Well, today, you can enter to win a copy of one of my books: Mated in Treason and also download a free book:  A Magical Shift by Vella Day

Halloween Month of Treats Giveaway
October 1 – October 31

Who doesn’t love to curl up with a page-turning book on a chilly October day? And what would make escaping into an awesome story even more indulgent? Chocolate, that’s what! 

Enter for your chance to win both in the Halloween Month of Treats Giveaway. Every day in October, we’ll be posting two new giveaways, or sometimes a giveaway and FREE book for you to download immediately and enjoy. 

A paranormal romance and gift set of Godiva chocolate cookies. A romantic comedy and a box 60 of Lindor truffles. Steamy romance, romantic suspense, urban fantasy, mysteries…We’ve got the goodies to hand out. It’s trick or treat time!

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Also, another reason today is not unlucky, is that I am sharing a little teaser from my upcoming release from the Allies of the Kan Asma Vampires Book 1: Enduring Bond.

He slipped to the ground and pushed a chained hand beneath her, jostling her into his arms and positioning her on his chest. Her head lolled to the side, her tight bun unfurled, and wisps of light brown hair came free. He touched the silky curls and closed his eyes at the softness. It’d been so long since he’d felt anything so lovely.
 He brushed his knuckles across the curve of her cheek. Soft skin lured him in a way nothing else could. He skated his finger below the edge of an old bruise darkening the flesh below her eye. He didn’t have to guess. By the size and location, it was obvious that rat bastard, Sovmen, had hit her there. Ashe didn’t feel angry for the abuse, just resignation.
“What did you get yourself into, Miss Talisen?” he muttered, cupping the back of her head and bringing her closer. His stomach clenched with starvation. So, he was the lowest of the low, feeding off a dying woman. Desperate measures made a male, well…desperate.
Her eyes opened. She tried to gasp but her energy waned. Her teeth rattled. Arms flailed. She rounded her shoulders attempting to break his hold. Panic bloomed in her pores and he gritted his teeth with the force of the scent as it barreled into his nose and bull’s-eyed in his sensory receptors.
“Be still,” he cajoled.
“Can’t…” she panted like an animal fighting a mortal blow. “Die,” she croaked.
Her blood pulsed from the wound, staining the white collar of her lab coat, and his mouth watered. He parted his lips, allowing his fangs room to extend. With his thumb, he pressed her chin away, exposing the column of her throat and the slow throbbing along her pulse points.

May you have great fortune today on this Friday the 13th.

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Hope you have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to check out the Halloween Giveaway each day for free books and more.


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