Monday, July 17, 2017

Lucca (The Arou'k Brothers Book 3)

                                            The Arou'k Brothers
                                         Book 4
                               By: Serena Simpson   

The last thing Lucca wanted was a mate. He was content being alone. That's what he told himself every day, a lie was better than the truth. If he were presented with a chance to mate , he may kill her, lose his soul to the darkness, and endanger his brothers. He would rather live the lie than risk his mates life. His only chance to avoid a fate worse than death was to go back in time.  

Tempest woke up in a cave. The only thing she was sure of was that some one wanted her dead. Her plan to sleep the centuries away until the Earth reverted to what it once was had failed. Now she was running for her until she fell into Lucas's lap.

Whether he wanted a mate or not she was in his arms. Now that he was holding her, could look into her eyes, he was reluctant to give her up. Not that it mattered unless he could find out who was targeting her, she was dead.

Love came when he least wanted it, but now he refused to let it go.


Lucca looked down the street the commotion looked like it was coming closer, but no one except him seemed to notice. This was not a good sign of him getting to enjoy his meal.

Had anything noteworthy happened in the past? No, he was sure that nothing happened that he needed to know about.

“It’s no longer the past. It's the present anything can happen.”

Just like that, he changed his mind. He no longer missed his brothers, especially the oldest one. The soft laughter echoing through his head brought an involuntary smile to his lips.

He looked up and took a few more bites of his food. It was a shame that it was going to go to waste. On his next bite, he was surrounded by the commotion that no one seemed to be able to see. Someone fell into his lap, and whatever was chasing her disappeared.

“You!” There was a female in his lap, an underfed female. He was tempted to shove the rest of his meal into her mouth to make sure she didn’t break apart.

“Who are you?”

“You fall into my lap disturbing my meal, then you ask me to identify myself? I think I should hear an apology followed by your name.”

“And I’m out of here.” She went to stand and stumbled.

“You’re hurt.”

“Well, at least your eyes work even if you weren’t taught manners.”

“I’ll have you know my brothers made sure I knew what manners were.”

“Too bad you didn’t adopt them as part of your lifestyle.”

She tried to push herself up and fell again. He caught her cradling her in his arms.

“Put me down you Neanderthal. Do I look like a baby to you?”

“You look about as weak as one.”

“Where are you taking me?” He had started walking down the street, and strangely enough; no one seemed to pay any attention to them.

He stopped and stared at her. “Do you know Dante?”


“Never mind.” He started walking again ignoring her.

Just great. She finally made it out of that cave. It took her weeks she didn’t know how many, but she knew what the passing of time felt like. Then she walked until her feet bled, she rested and walked some more. It felt like she was following a beacon, something or someone was drawing her. No matter how she tried, she couldn’t ignore the call. If she went in the opposite direction, the pain she felt became worse until she couldn’t move.

When she made it to the city evil surrounded her. She was in a fight for her life. In her weakened state, she knew she was going to die, but she couldn’t just give up. So, she fought. When her strength gave out, she found herself falling into his lap.

He opened the door to a vehicle and placed her in the back seat allowing her to lay across it. A small sigh escaped she was grateful to be able to rest.

She watched as he strode around to the front of the car and got in. He was handsome, and she didn’t want to notice. His blue eyes twinkled when he looked back at her. She could almost smile at the mischief in them, but she knew better. No males in her future ever. His blonde hair was shaved close on one side and fell over the other side in a sexy tangle that made her fingers itch to touch.

No touching she told herself as her eyes closed. At this rate, they may never open again.

The female in the back of his car was dying. He knew deaths touch when he saw it. Already he wanted to kill something preferably the elusive being that was fighting with her.

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