Tuesday, May 16, 2017

~⭐~Going to Make Her Mine~⭐~
     Book 2 in The Step Series

        Hadley Morgan has always chosen the loser, wanted the bad boy, fall for the one that will just use her. Then she meets Percy Morgan. He is the entire opposite of every guy she's ever gone after, so he made her believe.

        Maxon Morgan, Hadley's new stepson, encompasses every guy, Hadley has ever dated. He's arrogant, pig-headed and uses women for his own desires, so he made her believe.

         Maxon falls hard for his stepmother. She is the angel he has waited for all these years. Trying to take her from his father is a huge no-no.

        When things turn the wrong direction, everyone's world is flipped upside down. Maxon no longer cares about how his father feels. Hadley was made for him. Now he will fight to make her his....
             ..... And his alone.

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