Thursday, May 25, 2017

Excerpt from Love, Passion and Power: Part 1 It's FREE!

Love, Passion and Power: Part 1



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He reached under the covers and pulled my legs until I slid back down and then he rolled on top of me. “But enough about that, I’m sure we can think of more interesting ways to occupy ourselves than talking about James and his crazy ex.”
I smiled and lunged forward, capturing his bottom lip between my teeth. He growled and rocked us until we rolled and I was on top.
“I want you to put the condom on.” He grinned, reaching over to the nightstand and tearing one off of the strip.
I took it from him and opened up the package. Straddling his nakedness and taking his hard, beautiful cock into my hands I started to stroke him. He was silky smooth, with a shiny dark purple head and thick roping veins that coursed around his shaft, pulsing his life force through him. I pinched the tip of the condom and placed it onto the crown.
“Uh, uh, uh!” he tutted. “No hands!”
I smiled and rolled my eyes. “Feet then?”
A salacious twinkle in his eyes had me giggling. “Whatever, but no hands.”
I inched downwards on his body so that I could hunch over him and roll the condom on with my mouth. Pinching the tip with my lips and leaning over, I placed the opening of the nasty tasting prophylactic on the head of his cock. Using my hands to angle him just right I slowly opened my mouth and took him inside while rolling the condom down over his length with the help of my tongue. It wasn’t easy, it took some maneuvering and tongue acrobatics, but eventually, I got it on, deep throating him to take it to the base.
I sat up and grinned in triumph, but his eyes were closed while a smile danced on his kissable lips. I scooted forward and rose up, positioning my wet cleft above him, he still didn’t open his eyes.
I him notched at my core and started to swirl the tip around my entrance. He still didn’t open his eyes. Finally, I sunk down, taking him snuggly inside me, squeezing him the whole way down. Only then did I get a reaction. A low, masculine moan rolled up from his chest, like the sound a male lion makes right before he pounces. His hands came up and encircled my hips, his eyes remained closed, but he began to buck up and into me.
“Oh… yes.”
He groaned, kneading my hips with strong fingers, urging me to go faster and take him deeper. I placed my hands on his chest for leverage and began to ride him, up and down, his thickness stretching me, hitting me deep, deep inside. I bit my lip and tilted my head back while he brought one of his hands up to caress and massage my breast. He twisted the nipple until I squeaked out in pleasure, picking up the pace and riding him harder.
“God, you’re beautiful,” he said with a grunt, lifting his hips to meet mine.

My body fell forward, and I pressed against him, my hair falling in a cascade all around us, enclosing our faces in a curtain just our own. He cupped my cheek and pulled me into a kiss. The orgasm took me by surprise, crashing into my body like a kite in a hurricane. Reckless and all consuming it ricocheted from the tips of my toes right up to the top of my head and back. Biting Justin’s shoulder, I cried out his name until the sublime sensation passed, rendering me limp and boneless. Seconds later he found his own release and ground himself against me, pumping furiously and calling out my name with uninhibited joy.

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