Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday With ShapeShifter Seductions ~ 2012 Predictions by Gypsy Red Wolf

New Year greeting-yips and tail wags from your Gypsy Red Wolf.

Tonight the dog star, Sirius... really the wolf-soul star... rules the midnight grandeur of our Montana sky. As the new year began, our beloved Mother Moon, growing ever more pregnant with light, entered the sign of Venus-ruled Taurus from the sign of Mars-ruled Aries.

This means the fierce flames of inspiration meet the beauty and love inside each one of us. During this year of 2012, our creativity is born anew, and our hearts will be on fire with love. This bodes well for those who are mated and those who are seeking their right mates.

To enter this year's blaze-sparkly vibration of love from the Sacred Universe, a never-ending swirl around each and everyone of us, join me at the Midnight Stardust Supperclub. Along with my performance every Saturday night at the Interspecies Pleasure Club, I am now one of the ballroom dance instructors.

My precious loup-garous, my precious ones of every breed-type and beautiful stripe, I promise the elegant, the enthralling, the enchanting pleasures of gliding within your loved one's arms at Dante's new supperclub. It is all what we need during this evil-raging, staging-of-chaos times by those who have succumbed to their darkest natures -- those cunning rabid beasts who battle to destroy the Light shining inside those of us who walk with the Mother Wolf Goddess.

Yes, yes... my crystal ball summons... once again, my howling and yowling friends, and all those who have made Talbot's Peak their new home this year... so many of you, and I welcome everyone with the embrace of my heart... it is time to gaze into my trusted, from the time of the ancients, wolfen-ancestral crystal ball... now un-clouding as if a winter storm passes and blue skies appear.

Time once again to put pen to paper in the old-fashioned way. Digital bytes interfere with the higher vibrations of our star-sparkling universe... ah yes, the predictions are piling up like our recent heavy snowfalls, I see.

Only for you, dearest readers of the G&B Gazette, I will reveal the secrets of the coming new year -- the much maligned, yet media-celebrated year of 2012. Don't believe the movies by the way, my wise ones. Garbage and chewed bones in, garbage and bone fragments out, as they grunting-say. ~yip-yip giggles~

Ah, my shapeshifter and supernatural brethren, has not the past year flown by, fast as riding the great swift wings of a golden eagle? And that brings us to my first prediction. Ascension. A mystical, airy purple-nude-fairy word, yes, to be sure... however...

We will rise as eagles. Or we will plummet like arrows who have missed their target. This will be true for you as a lone wolf individual, or as a member of the community pack. Only caring for each other and hunting for the benefit of all will allow for a well-fed spirit and a well-fed belly.

For, we have arrived at the apex of many cycles in time. It will be as if winter, fall, summer and spring converge and all the forces of nature crash together becoming one magnificent and tumultuous season. One never to be forgotten. Our wolf songs will be howled to the bright full moon with deep emotion, and someday in remembrance.

Yes, as has been forecast by many, severe land changes are here. I see the gnashing fangs, the ripping claws of Mother Earth. She will be cruel at times. She will also be loving and benign to those of us who remain connected to her energies, to those of us who dance and run with our wild spirits upon her surface.

Ah, loud howls of warning, dear ones, I see rough, trying periods ahead for many of us. Now is the time to hunt, to forage whenever the weather offers a friendly paw. Now is the time to prepare and store like our squirrel neighbors. Do so, and every difficulty will be overcome.

Picture me suddenly leaning closer... my crystal ball is brilliant, bold in what is being revealed. Yes, yes, there it is! Despite the feisty snarling year of 2012, be of good hope. Our handsome alpha champions of Talbot's Peak charge forth to savagely protect us, once again.

I am watching their strong fangs flash, ferocious as slashing knives. They are triumphant against every enemy. Even though, yes, in truth there are too many of our foes to count.

Truth, another giant trend for this New Year of 2012, slays the most wicked on Mother Earth like a squadron of hungry and ruthless dragons. Watch for it.

As a final note, my furry, feathered, skin and scaled brethren, our Brother Sun is entering a fickle, not-for-the-faint-of-heart cycle. Beware, and dare to prepare the caves and shelters of your choice.

As always, I remain available as your personal psychic advisor.

Your Gypsy Red Wolf

~ Psychic to the Furry, Feathered, Amphibian and Scaled Shifter. Humans now included ~

~ Have a Magickal and Miraculous New Year ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Savanna Kougar said...

Happy 2012 to All...

Gem Sivad said...

Beautiful imagery, Savanna. "We have arrived at the apex of many cycles in time..." Thought provoking too. :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Gem, my Gypsy Red Wolf says it wonderfully from her perspective. Yes, we have arrived, the endpoint and the beginning point.