Friday, January 13, 2012

13 Sex Tips

In honor of my favorite day, Friday the 13th, I'm posting 13 sex tips to boost your love life.

It's important to remember that sex should be fun.

1. Massage each other
Invest a little money in some oils and candles and then try massaging each other. Make sure you lie on your front and just let the hands and fingers do the walking. And, if neither of you are squeamish about it, foot massage can also be very erotic. It means you can massage each other at the same time, should you so wish.

2. Small kisses
Work your way all the way down the body using little butterfly kisses. Use your tongue sparingly and try not to snog. Instead lightly caress his skin with your lips. The longer you avoid his genitals, the more turned on he'll get.

3. Change the scenery
Try making the living-room or another room the scene for some action. If it makes it easier and more comfortable, bring down the duvet and some cushions/pillows.

4. Pleasure yourself in front of each other
This might take a bit of getting used to, but both of you will become enormously turned on, whether you're the watcher or the watched.

5. Try a new position
We're all creatures of habit and like certain positions more than others, but try something new for a change. Whether you go on top for a change, or do it standing up, you may find a new position that really does it for you both.

6. Get minty
Suck an after-dinner mint and wait until there's almost nothing left. Then go down on your partner. The sensation will be unlike anything they've experienced before.

7. Watch yourselves
Getting down to it in front of a mirror can be very erotic. If you don't have a mirror in your bedroom, try moving one from another room. Many women never really see their genitals and it can be a turn-on to see what's going on down there.

8. Go 69
It's a tried and tested technique, but if you've never tried it before, then now's the time to give it a go. After all, what's better than both of you having oral sex at the same time.

9. Dress up
Find out what each of you find sexy, whether it's uniforms, French maids or something else and then put on an outfit. Then you'll have to act it out a little. It's great fun and also a way to spice things up.

10. Use your whole body
Sex isn't just about the bits below your belly button and above your knees. By exploring each other's bodies from top to toe, you may even find new erogenous zones that get each other going.

11. Toy story
Introducing a vibrator into the bedroom can have a dramatic effect. Whether you use one on your fella, or let him use it on you, it doesn't matter, as long as you have fun.

12. Get slippery
Using a lubricant is not only useful for making sure there's no nasty rubbing, but it can make the sensation of touching each other more sensual.

13. Try some aphrodisiacs
Whether they work or not is still open to debate, but it adds something to the foreplay, if you're feeding each other asparagus or drinking hot ginger extract. Remember, sex is fun, not a chore.

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William Kendall said...

Lovely tips!

And 69 is such a perfect number too....