Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday's Tawdry Question

The question I posed to my fellow provocateurs for Tuesday is this one:

What is the most wicked, misbehaving thing your hero's ever done?

In my first full length novel, Star Spangled Kiss, the hero Tyler Mason has been waiting all day to payback the heroine Sophie. She was rather naughty earlier on, and teased him almost to the brink of his control. So, while they are driving back to Los Angeles he decides to turn the tables on her and get her completely aroused, while she is the one behind the wheel. His seduction is merciless, and a few times she veers into the other lane of the freeway, garnering a few horns blasting. He doesn't let up until she reaches the peak and finds release. Tyler is a very naughty detective and doesn't stop with just that scene. It was such fun to write Sophie and Ty's story.

~Christa Paige, Bound By Deception, and Bound By Rebellion

I bet it was fun Christa! Wink. How about you Mary?

My heroes are very bad so it's hard to pick the worst. But I'd have to say it's when Mike McAlister (shortly after meeting the one who will end up being the love of his life) grudge fucks his girlfriend after he finds out she's been two-timing him, dumps her after giving her the best big O of her life, then joins his buddies at a lobster shack.

But then again, Mike ends up showing his nasty controlling nature later when he tricks the heroine and gets her pregnant in an effort to keep her.

~Mary Quast, Painted Soul, Tormented Soul, and Lonely Soul

Very, very naughty indeed, Mary! One sexy fuck and run, and one controlling alpha. How about you Lissa?

I don't have an instance of it being the hero that does it. But the heroine in Simple Need answers the phone call from her ex while the hero is riding her from behind. Does that count?

~Lissa Matthews, Sugar Rush and Pink Buttercream Frosting

It sure does Lissa! That's one hell of a phone call. Reach out and touch someone. And yours Gem?

Charlie Wolf McCallister is a half-Kiowa bounty hunter. When Naomi Parker tries to hire him to rescue her students kidnapped by the Comanchero, Charlie's price-sex in exchange for hiring his services.

~Gem Sivad, Breed True and A Staged Affair

Oh my, Gem, what a hot- I mean bad, boy. Savanna, how about you?

Baron Zaggry uses the debt owed to him by the heroine’s brother to compel Lady Sheridan to become his slave lover for a year, an ancient tradition in their aristocratic, other-dimension culture.

~Savanna Kougar, All Shades of Blue Paradise, Red Lioness Tamed, and
When a Good Angel Falls

That's just truly terrible Savanna. I bet she hated every minute. I sure would like to read about her uh, debt repayment. (salivating) And Jeanne?

I would have to say when Logan (one of my heroes in my menage Double Dare) restrains the heroine Quinn in a t-shirt, blindfolds her, then bends her over the kitchen table and... well, you can guess what happens from there, I'll tell you it includes some spanking, too. And they had only met the night before at a wedding reception.

~Jeanne St James, Rip Cord, Double Dare, and Banged Up

mmmm (incoherently fanning self) And Elise?

One of my hero's in Check Out flips the heroine over the counter where she works and spanks her in front of her boss. Then the boss joins in for a little fun. The heroine is more than thrilled and a raise is on the way!

~Elise Hepner, Check Out, College Trouble, and Repossession

I think a raise and a good read are guaranteed, Elise. April?

Board room sex - definitely. I've had it in at least three of my novels because it's just so naughty and tauntingly erotic and forbidden. Does that make me a voyeur? Or is that exibitionist? LOL. Oh yeah, I think being a writer qualifies me for both :>

~April Morelock, Wicked Work in Progress

It definitely qualifies for both. And qualifies you as a RomanceWriterbehavingBadly! And Chloe? (talking to self in third person first sign of dementedness, but oh well)

I have a very bad boy demon who uses his considerable magical, uh, skills, to seduce my heroine into various forms of erotic abandon.

~Chloe Waits, Demon of Desire, and Flesh for Fantasy

NB: A few frisky felines didn't share so to not spoil the surprise of their book (winks)

So what about the rest of you out there? Share your fave moment with us!


Hales said...

Chloe erotic abandon sounds sexy. Can I reserve demon like that?

Chloe Waits said...

Sure! He is waiting for you, in Demon of Desire!
Man I am salivating to read all your books!

Jeanne St. James said...


Meandi's corner said...

well just reading this has added considerable to my tbr list. Thanks all

-------jennifer mathis

Mary Quast said...

I like bad boys. Is it getting hot in here or is it just me? *fans self*

s7anna said...

Da*n...Elise's guy sounds intensely sexy!

Becca Simone said...

Once again, my email must've gotten lost in cyberspace. It must be me doing something stupid...

In Midnight Treat, my hero (Josh) breaks into a woman's apartment, ties her up, does all sorts of naughty things to her. Finds out later that he was in the wrong apartment. He screwed a stranger. Oops, his bad.

Savanna Kougar said...

I think we'll be needing a constant supply of ice cubes in here... for various purposes... cooling and erotic.

Maria said...

Wow, these are some scenes but I'd have to say that the scene that Mary described with her hero Mike McAlister sounds the nastiest! Wow, now I need a cold shower

Lisabet Sarai said...

Well, there's the scene in which my Thai prince rubs chili peppers on the heroine's clit... (in Raw Silk)

Or the scene in Ruby's Rules where Rick uses Ruby's vibrator on her rear at a turn-out on Mulholland Drive (this scene is currently up on Pat Pellicane's website, where I'm her monthly guest.)

Or the nasty scene in Incognito which involves the heroine, two guys and a pool table...

So hard to choose!

Congratulations on the blog. It looks as though it is going to be great fun!


Chloe Waits said...

Wow, great ones added here too Lisabet and Becca
I am going to borrow some ice cubes from Savanna!

booklover0226 said...

OK, so what are you folks trying to do to me? Now how can I go to sleep early if I've just read this hot posts????

THANKS!!!!! ;-)

Tracey D