Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday's Thirst Causing Question

Thursday's question is about seductive clothing or lack thereof.

What is your favorite way to dress your heroine or hero for those seductive, sensual scenes? And tell me how you like them removed.

Do you prefer your heroine trussed up in a corset that must be unlaced showing skin bit by bit?

Maybe your hero wears a pair of butt hugging jeans with the top button undone, making the heroine's mouth water as she pulls the zipper down revealing him to her eyes.

Or, your heroine wears one of those enticing g-strings her hero bites off to get underneath.

Elise Hepner
For some reason my character's never care what they dressed in as long as they can get out of it quickly!
Jeanne St. James
I love to have my heroes wearing well-fitting Levis, no shirt and barefoot. The top button should be undone just to tease the heroine... I want her to slide the zipper down slowly, sliding her hands into his denim and around to the back to caress his butt then slip those jeans down, taking his boxer briefs along with them...

Mary Quast
I love to dress the heroine in something soft & silky to accentuate her lovely skin and to move in a sensual manner with her body. I can't help myself but put my hero in black leather pants or tight jeans with a shirt unbuttoned to show off his tasty chest and his happy trail.

After she unzips his pants and pulls them to the ground with her, she will take her hands and place delicate kisses along his legs as she works her way to his mouth. He will give in return the same caresses up her smooth legs, but his hands will continue following her skin across her hips and slowly draw her gown off her body while kissing the exposed skin.

Raven Bower
Anything clothing can be made sexy with the right attitude! That said, I dress my characters more to their personality type than anything else and go from there.
Becca Simone
I like a hero wear a faded pair of blue jeans, with the top button undone, and unzipped enough that the heroine can tell he's wearing nothing underneath. She'll hook her fingers in the belt loops and slowly tug it down his legs until she's kneeling before him. You can guess what she'll do next.
Savanna Kougar
Unedited Snippet from ~ BRANDED BY THE TEXANS
The sight of him and the rough deep timbre of his voice twisted her insides in the sexiest way. Kylie paused to breathe and steady herself, since her passion threatened to turn her knees into useless goo.
"Now. Before I get out of this bed and lasso you."
"You don’t need a rope this time." Her legs moved of their own accord, as if he’d become a high-powered magnet. "Sounds like that blue stuff must have helped."
"Enough to appreciate you wearin’ my shirt."
"Who knew a great big t-shirt could be this much of a turn on?"
"Perfect attire for my bed slave."
"Damn you, Dillon, you enormous Viking cowboy. It’s not like I can let you ravage my all too willing body."
"Let me, bed slave." The growl of his voice was enough to let her know, the prowess of his cock wasn’t in question.
April Morelock
From Assistant's Secret
"I know exactly how you boys like to play.” She moved a hair closer, her breast now warm and soft against his arm, just inches from his hand. She arched her elegant neck; the silk of her hair sliding along his forearm. “The problem is… I play rough. Even if you weren’t my boss, you might not be up to it.”
With that she stepped away and looked him over before turning on her heels and leaving the room, her tightly encased backside swaying invitingly, a hint of black garter peaking out from the short skirt. Knee high boots caressed her delicate calves in black leather.
Yeap, definitely leather and lace in the boardroom.

Thanks to all the Romance Writers who behaved very badly with their naughty and sensual clothing selections. I love my hero to wear tight t-shirts that show off every dip and valley of his sculpted torso. My heroines are often wearing short, tight skirts with a hint of beribboned garters peeking out.

So what did we miss? Leave me a comment and let me know what you like to see a hero or heroine dressed in or being undressed from.

Christa Paige


Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

For some reason my hero is hottest in worn dirty work clothes... and my heroine, no panties under tight jeans and a button up white dress shirt with black bra

s7anna said...

I love a hero in well worn jeans...a henley clinging gently to his chest...As for the heroine...a simple cotton dress with spaghetti straps...something easily accessible...BUT there's also the other end of the spectrum where a pair of tight leather pants on the guy and a corset with garters & thigh highs will really take the spotlight.

Happy Reading
Anna Shah Hoque

Meandi's corner said...

some heros you just got to love in a sharp suit.


Savanna Kougar said...

I've thought, when I first thought about that clothing is first for protection, then for seduction.

Savanna Kougar said...

Sorry, the brain hasn't kicked in fully...

Should be ~ I've always thought, when I first thought about it, that clothing is first for protection, then for seduction...regardless of what society tells you.

Jeanne St. James said...

Another great question and great answers!

Vivien Jackson said...

Had this conversation recently, and by far the best answer to the question "so what is sexy clothing for men?" was "a thin sheen of sweat."

Tight jeans are a no-no for me: those things don't come off easy, and tugging and yanking can kill a mood. And leave marks.

Of course, Christa, you know I have a personal weakness for those Georgian heroes in lace and velvet.

booklover0226 said...

I like the idea of slowly peeling a three piece suit of a man very nice...

Tracey D

Mary Quast said...

Uhmmmm.... what was the question? *pant, pant*

Chloe Waits said...

love these answers!
I have a hero who wears a white mask that he keeps on while he seduces my heroine for the first time at a masquerade ball...