Friday, October 29, 2021

Genesis: Falling for the Hybrid - Paranormal Romance

Genesis: Falling for the Hybrid is live


Their waiter came back to the table, interrupting him. He blinked, almost surprised to realize he wasn’t drowning in a pool of gray. After he ordered, he came to a quick decision, one he knew he might regret at some point.

“Would you give the woman at that table,” he pointed the table out, “give the woman with the black hair, another of whatever she is drinking on me.” He handed the waiter a tip and sent him on his way.

“What are you doing?” Jaziel asked as he watched the woman Lucien pointed out. “She’ll be on television tomorrow telling everyone how you…” He shook his head. “How you did something. I can’t figure out what motivates them to lie and how each lie is more ridiculous than the one before it.”

They kept an eye on her, watching as the waiter brought her another glass before pointing out Lucien. She raised the glass he sent her, and he raised his water in salute before she took a sip. He smiled when she gave him a nod of appreciation.

“That’s the way it was meant to be, a male sending a female a glass of wine without the whole world coming to an end.”

“But it is coming to an end. Look around you,” Jaziel said. They looked to see people staring at the woman calmly drinking her wine, grinning at the others.

There was something in her smile that said she was over this. Lucien appreciated that smile. When their food came, they looked it over before taking a bite. Humans could be nasty. That was also a lesson learned.

The woman left before they did. He wished he could have asked after her name but going to talk to her would have painted a bull’s eye in the middle of her forehead. It was risky sending her a drink.

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