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Here is my contribution to the set...

Piper Valentine knows all too well that life is short. Off to Peru to heal after a grievous loss, she finds more than solace in the hot, charismatic travel journalist sitting across from her on the airplane. Derrick King’s had a brush with death, too, but he has no idea that he’ll face it again — and again — after giving in to his instant attraction to Piper. Their journey to the top of the world, filled with parties, humor, and fun, is turned topsy-turvy as they’re pursued by mysterious gunmen.
Determined to reach Machu Picchu and fulfill her promise to her dead husband, Piper finds that having Derrick along makes her feel safer, even as his lust for her endangers her heart. She’s never found another man so sensual, and with danger on their trail, they keep ending up in each other’s arms. Derrick’s a man with needs — and secrets. Will Piper find strength in surrender? And can Derrick find a way to believe in a future — for both of them?


Gray eyes flared back at me, and he lifted his hips, set his face into a determined scowl and finally, finally, drove home, sheathing himself to the hilt in one solid thrust. I let out an involuntary grunt from the impact. He was big. Not monster big, but it’d been a while since I’d been with any man at all, and this man was well-endowed to boot.
“You okay?” His pelvis paused mid-thrust. Meanwhile, all I wanted was for him to pick up the speed and hammer me into the mattress until I was putty.
I nodded and bucked up into him. “Yeah…it’s just…it’s been a while. Don’t stop…please don’t stop.”
That smile. And then he did as he was told and went to task. I ground myself against him, frantic for more friction, to feel that sweet little brush of his pelvic bone against my clit, the intermittent rubbing and teasing, lulling my whole body and every nerve ending into eager submission until all I felt was good. With each dirty thrust, he split me open wider, his body claiming mine, dominating mine, possessing mine.
Within moments I was already close, my pussy trembling with every pull and gripping him with every push. I let my hands travel down his back and ribs, exploring his body, his smooth skin, toned muscles, faint scars.  I couldn’t help myself, and I let my fingers fall to his clenching butt. The taut muscle flexed and tightened with every measured thrust. I dug my nails in, and he hissed and then chuckled low and menacing against my shoulder.
“Naughty girl… you’ll pay for that.”
My eyes flashed wide. Would I really? Yes, please.
He chomped down hard on my nipple in revenge, so I dug my fingers in more. He bit down again, this time nearly piercing the skin, all the while the thrusting, the hammering, the plundering never stopped. The man was a machine. Gone was the nerd spewing out facts like an encyclopedia. All that was left was a beast, a savage sex beast ravishing my body until I could no longer think about anything but how good he felt inside me.
He chuckled low and then picked up speed, while his hand came around behind me and reached for mine, lacing our fingers together. He brought them above my head, and then did the same with the other hand, pinning me beneath him, holding onto me for dear life.
I writhed against him, arched my back and then let go. That sweet and rhythmic brush of his pelvic bone against my clit was what did it, what pushed me over the edge into decadent oblivion.
Bright lights flashed behind my closed lids, while his teeth found my shoulder, stifling the groans of his own release. I clenched around him, tight and hot and eager for more of him, for all of him as he pulsed inside of me.
We lay there for a few moments, sweaty and panting, letting our brains find some semblance of equanimity again before we separated and faced reality.

Despite the weight of him on me, pressing my pliant and satiated body into the bed, I felt lighter and more at ease than I had in nearly two years. My head was clear, and finally, my heart felt open again.

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The Earring Thief - Crow Magic by Mary Quast

Today we are featuring a Sneak Peek from Crow Magic by Mary Quast. 

The scene featured is the day of Lucy's blind date Madame Eve of 1 Night Stand arranged. She's rather nervous but relaxes while visiting with a crow on her porch. The large bird entertains her with typical crow behavior when she shares a slice of toast with the bird. Little does she know, she will meet up with crow again, but in his human form.

With a sharp backward pull, he yanked the silver loop out of her ear and took to the sky.

Jumping from her seat with a yelp, she raced off the porch. “Damn you!” She shook her fist at him. “Give that back to me!”

The silver hoop glistened in the tight hold of his beak. He taunted her. Keeping her eyes on him, she walked away from the cottage. As he flew close, he emitted a throaty grumble before flying toward a path leading into the woods. The mission of retrieving the earring became a game of follow the leader

She wanted her jewelry returned, but the words from Madame Eve’s note haunted her. May you learn from the spirit of the Crow. Something told her to follow the thief. She ran along the well-traveled dirt trail, and he glided ahead, beckoning her to follow.

The canopy of trees shadowed the corridor, the cool air fragrant with pine, cedar and sweet fern. Woodland flowers dotted the route. She ducked under a low pine branch, giddiness swelling within her. Taking pleasure in the sudden happiness, she followed the path until the forest opened to a field and a lake.

A little winded, she slowed her pace, becoming conscious of the beauty surrounding her. She stood in the same meadow depicted in the painting above her bed. Flying to a large oak tree in the center of the meadow, he slowed then perched.


Lucy Richards is tired of being timid around men and turns to Madame Eve to give her a man for a night that will help her overcome her fears to feel like a real woman. Eve arranges a night tucked away in the Castillo Poconos Resort with a handsome Shawnee shaman who will teach her to use her womanly power and take her to unimaginable heights.

Seth Crowe, a shape shifter and Keeper of the Spiritual Law, considers himself to be a carrier of souls from darkness to light and enjoys using his body to accomplish his magic. When his brother refers him to 1 Night Stand he certainly didn’t expect to find a fiery angel sleeping in a sensuous body and experience the true balance of nature. 

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Writers and promo and sales and...BINGO?


I'm a writer.

If you're on social media with any regularity, you probably know several of us. If you're a reader on social media, you could probably win at a BINGO game of writerly posts from today's feed alone: a release, a sale, a cover reveal, a quote from a great review, a promo giveaway, a contest where you can vote for the book, an invitation to join a street team or a Facebook event or come to a signing or ...anybody BINGO yet?

And on all those events and "buy my book"-themed bits, I bet it seems like writers are, to a one, really super proud of their work. Really super confident their book is the best ever and needs to be read right now. By you! For a super sale price today only!

Here's a dirty secret: some of us? Aren't really that confident. And we don't particularly enjoy inundating folks with promo.

In a perfect world, some fairy matchmaker would hook readers up with the perfect books for them, No writers would have to struggle and self-promote to find their audience. No readers would have to slog through a zillion "not my cuppa" books before they found their cherished "yes, this one!"

In an imperfect world...well, I don't have any solutions other than patience. Readers, please be patient with writerly promo. Writers, please be patient with reviewers who didn't find their cuppa. We are all in this together, the great maelstrom of emotion-wringing, fist-pumping entertainment., my book's on sale. Wanted and Wired is a near-future cyberpunk romance featuring a gun-toting badass heroine, a mysterious cybernetically enhanced hero who drives a really hot car, and a whole lotta smooching. Sometimes naked. If that's your thing, and you have a spare two bucks, here are some links: Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo.

Thanks, and, uh, BINGO. :)

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Jesus Christ, you literally tongue-fucked me until I can no longer walk...


“I can feel it, Emma. Let go, baby. You’re right there,” he hummed again, his buzzing lips sending another zing of need through my body.
I fished my hand into the top of my tank top and started tweaking a needy nipple, pulling and pinching, until that sweet bite of pain threw me over the edge of the cliff and I came hard into his unyielding and devoted mouth. Bowing my back against the chair, I pulled hard on his hair, burying his face in my pussy as the pleasure speared through me.
“Oh God, James!” I whimpered, definitely a fan of exhibitionism but still with a modicum of self-restraint and bashfulness. We were still docked and I was a tad worried people might hear us, so I kept my voice low, even though inside all I wanted to do was shriek my climax up into the cloudless sky. “Oh God, oh God, oh God!”
I pulled even harder on his hair and pushed up even more into his face, not caring if he couldn’t breathe, not caring about anything but how good it all felt, how good he made me feel. The scissoring stopped, and his fingers pushed up hard and ruthless right on my G-spot, and that familiar sensation of having to pee hit me hard, like a sucker punch.
“Holy fuck!” I cried, unable to contain myself or control my volume any longer.
And then the orgasm that had been destroying me in an endless wave of euphoria took on a life of its own and came at me again in full force, pleasure upon pleasure upon pleasure as I closed my eyes and saw nothing but spots and flashes of light while the man between my legs just continued to feast.
It was never-ending. I was sobbing and begging him to release me, but he ignored my pleas, instead pumping harder and faster into my pussy, while blowing cool air on my swollen clit.
“No … no more, James,” I said with a mewl. “I … I can’t do anymore.”
“One more, baby,” he muffled, the tip of his tongue grazing my clit in just a whisper of a touch. My leg jerked, and I pulled on his hair until I could see his face, his hungry lips and strong sexy chin glistening with my release.
“No! No more, please.”
He made a sexy little pouty face. “You’re sure you can’t go one more time?”
I swallowed and nodded, squinting against the blinding sun. “No more. I can’t. I think my clit is going to fall off.”
His chuckle stirred the butterflies in my belly, low and deep and whisky-thick, a manly laugh, a sinister laugh. He enjoyed tormenting me within an inch of my sanity, until tears streamed down my cheeks and my body trembled as if I’d just stuck my finger on an electric fence. The man was a sadist, and I was a masochist; he loved the torture, and I loved the pain. We were the perfect pair.
Standing up from his spot on the chair, he offered me his hand.  “All right, fine, but I’m still hungry, so I’m not finished with you, Mrs. Shaw.”
I went to stand up, but my legs were jelly, and I collapsed back onto the lounger, pulling him down along with me.
“Jesus Christ, you literally tongue-fucked me until I can no longer walk!”
Another laugh rumbled through him, followed by a swift and precise boob squeeze.
“That’s the plan, wife. You’ll be in a wheelchair by the time this holiday is over. Come on.” He stood back up and then scooped me into his arms. “I still need to carry you over the threshold.”


Emma Everly didn’t know true love or happiness until she met enigmatic millionaire James Shaw. He turned her world upside down, all for the better, possessing her heart, body, and soul. He brought her over to the dark and dirty side and opened her eyes to the wild and kinky sex Emma didn’t even know she craved.
Now they’re married and ready to start their life together, and Emma realizes all her dreams are coming true. 

With a romantic honeymoon planned on a live-aboard boat in French Polynesia with nothing but her handsome husband and the fishes, Emma is positive James will take her body to newer and more extreme heights of pleasure. But James has other ideas, and even in the middle of their sexy sea adventure, their relationship is put to the test. Emma must find a way to come to terms with James’ demands or risk ruining their first holiday as husband and wife.

*A quick and funny story with nothing but sex, scuba diving, and newlywed bickering. Because these two deserve a chill honeymoon. It’s nothing but pure filth with the odd parrot fish sighting. Don’t expect the darkness and angst of the other books; this little story is meant to be light, fun, super dirty and give you all the happy feels.

***Warning, this book contains explicit sexual content, vulgar language, and BDSM***

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Cailin Briste's July Tuesday Tease - 7 Temptations

For my July Tuesday tease, I bring you 7 tempting books. A little contemporary romance, some western romance, romance on the beach, a dollop of suspense romance, and a couple of heaping spoonfuls of paranormal romance. As the blurb for one of these books says, be prepared for red-hot sex.

"Leave it to a woman to be more dangerous than the Mafia."
Damaged (in the Hot & Sinful Boxed Set)
Buy link:
"Get swept away this summer with Tropical Tryst"
Tropical Tryst
Buy link:
"That's my chastity belt!"
William Mary & Percy
Buy link:
"Whenever she was surprised. Or overwhelmed.She’d hang on to her breath, like if she let it go, her whole world would fall apart."
Luke’s Redemption, Book 1 King Security Series
Buy link:
"Addison Reed will do anything to save her ranch...even trust a stranger."
The Drifter's Kiss
Buy link:
"Sweetheart?  Aren’t you supposed to be scaring the living shit out of the man you have pinned to the wall? You can explore my body later."
Xander (A Dark Assassins Novel Book Three)
Buy Link:
"Ancient and powerful, yet one woman will bring this Fae warrior to his knees!"
Quest of a Warrior
Buy Link:
"Maon Keefe has always embraced the player lifestyle, until he discovers a mysterious Domme who brings him to his knees."
Maon: Marshal of Tallav by Cailin Briste
Buy Link:

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Lucca (The Arou'k Brothers Book 3)

                                            The Arou'k Brothers
                                         Book 4
                               By: Serena Simpson   

The last thing Lucca wanted was a mate. He was content being alone. That's what he told himself every day, a lie was better than the truth. If he were presented with a chance to mate , he may kill her, lose his soul to the darkness, and endanger his brothers. He would rather live the lie than risk his mates life. His only chance to avoid a fate worse than death was to go back in time.  

Tempest woke up in a cave. The only thing she was sure of was that some one wanted her dead. Her plan to sleep the centuries away until the Earth reverted to what it once was had failed. Now she was running for her until she fell into Lucas's lap.

Whether he wanted a mate or not she was in his arms. Now that he was holding her, could look into her eyes, he was reluctant to give her up. Not that it mattered unless he could find out who was targeting her, she was dead.

Love came when he least wanted it, but now he refused to let it go.


Lucca looked down the street the commotion looked like it was coming closer, but no one except him seemed to notice. This was not a good sign of him getting to enjoy his meal.

Had anything noteworthy happened in the past? No, he was sure that nothing happened that he needed to know about.

“It’s no longer the past. It's the present anything can happen.”

Just like that, he changed his mind. He no longer missed his brothers, especially the oldest one. The soft laughter echoing through his head brought an involuntary smile to his lips.

He looked up and took a few more bites of his food. It was a shame that it was going to go to waste. On his next bite, he was surrounded by the commotion that no one seemed to be able to see. Someone fell into his lap, and whatever was chasing her disappeared.

“You!” There was a female in his lap, an underfed female. He was tempted to shove the rest of his meal into her mouth to make sure she didn’t break apart.

“Who are you?”

“You fall into my lap disturbing my meal, then you ask me to identify myself? I think I should hear an apology followed by your name.”

“And I’m out of here.” She went to stand and stumbled.

“You’re hurt.”

“Well, at least your eyes work even if you weren’t taught manners.”

“I’ll have you know my brothers made sure I knew what manners were.”

“Too bad you didn’t adopt them as part of your lifestyle.”

She tried to push herself up and fell again. He caught her cradling her in his arms.

“Put me down you Neanderthal. Do I look like a baby to you?”

“You look about as weak as one.”

“Where are you taking me?” He had started walking down the street, and strangely enough; no one seemed to pay any attention to them.

He stopped and stared at her. “Do you know Dante?”


“Never mind.” He started walking again ignoring her.

Just great. She finally made it out of that cave. It took her weeks she didn’t know how many, but she knew what the passing of time felt like. Then she walked until her feet bled, she rested and walked some more. It felt like she was following a beacon, something or someone was drawing her. No matter how she tried, she couldn’t ignore the call. If she went in the opposite direction, the pain she felt became worse until she couldn’t move.

When she made it to the city evil surrounded her. She was in a fight for her life. In her weakened state, she knew she was going to die, but she couldn’t just give up. So, she fought. When her strength gave out, she found herself falling into his lap.

He opened the door to a vehicle and placed her in the back seat allowing her to lay across it. A small sigh escaped she was grateful to be able to rest.

She watched as he strode around to the front of the car and got in. He was handsome, and she didn’t want to notice. His blue eyes twinkled when he looked back at her. She could almost smile at the mischief in them, but she knew better. No males in her future ever. His blonde hair was shaved close on one side and fell over the other side in a sexy tangle that made her fingers itch to touch.

No touching she told herself as her eyes closed. At this rate, they may never open again.

The female in the back of his car was dying. He knew deaths touch when he saw it. Already he wanted to kill something preferably the elusive being that was fighting with her.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Needing Him (An Obsessed Novella) #Preorder NOW for only 99¢ #BDSM

NEEDING HIM (An Obsessed Novella)
by Jeanne St. James
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance, BDSM

Preorder NOW for only 99¢ at all major retailers here:

Releases August 4th

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This is not just a love story, it's an obsession...


The same week every year he comes to my little resort in Maine for five days, then disappears. His darkness, his demons, intrigue me and I need to know his story.
I hope he shows up again this year, because I’m determined to talk to him, make him see me and not look through me like I don’t exist. Make him realize I’m not just some anonymous person who hands him a key.
No, this year will be different.
I haven’t gotten laid in a long time. So, tag, he’s it.


For the past three years, I’ve come up to this remote area to forget, to bury my grief. But this year, I don’t need a trip to this run-down resort, this little cabin on the lake, to survive this week. However, there’s one thing I’ve left behind each year when I head back to reality…
I’ve found the right woman who’ll fill the emptiness deep inside of me, the hole that’s lurked there for years. I can’t get her out of my head. Funny thing is, I don’t even know her name. I never asked.
This year that’s going to change. And I hope she’s willing because I’m taking complete control.

Note: All books in the Obsessed series are standalone novellas. They are intended for audiences over 18 years of age since they include explicit sexual situations, including BDSM.



Every year he shows up. He comes for five days and then disappears. Same week, every year, for the past three years. Arrives on a Sunday night and leaves Friday morning.
He hardly says a word to me. He picks up the keys to his cabin with a couple grunts, then locks himself in for the duration. I don’t know if he sleeps, eats or what. All I know is I’m not to disturb him in any fashion. He made that perfectly clear in a surly manner the first year.
I’m just glad I have an occupant. He never quibbles about the price of the cabin, never asks me for anything. Never complains.
The best part is, he comes during the off season when it’s so slow I think I'll become destitute. Be homeless and starve.
But, I watch him. He intrigues me and I want to know his story. Why this small town in Maine? Why this time of year?
And, last but not least, why is my tired little lakeside resort his choice? Yes, the area is beautiful, but it’s remote. Though, it’s not like he goes out hiking, or mountain biking, or even boating on the large lake.
Maybe that’s what he needs. Quiet. Peace.
Me? I get too much peace and quiet. This town bores me to death. Anyone with any ambition escapes as soon as they can.
Though, I can’t get myself to run away. I can’t even walk away.
This was my father’s resort. When he died, he left it to his only daughter. Hell, his only child. He took pride in this place, he built it with his own hands. So, of course, I take pride in it, too.
Even though it bores the fuck out of me.
And the dating scene?
Non-existent. If I’m lucky, I get laid when tourists come to moose watch in the summer. If I’m lucky, I get laid when the snowmobilers blow into town and take over the frozen lake and the nearby trails. If I’m lucky, I get laid when mountain bikers come and ride through the woods when the leaves are changing colors.
But, let’s just say, I haven’t been very lucky lately. Not in a long time. I swear I’ve converted back to a virgin, if that’s even possible.
Fortunately, I’m not uptight and can take care of my own needs. Though, that gets lonely and boring, too. Batteries and my vibrators have become my best friends.
Honestly, I really just need to get the fuck out of this town.
I sigh and look at my reservation book. Yes, book, because even the Internet sucks up here. And cell towers? Yeah, right. You may get a signal if you stand on your head and face North while singing Yankee Doodle Dandy.
Every cabin is still equipped with landline phones and the only television comes from a satellite dish, which only works when it isn’t cloudy, raining, snowing, or the birds aren’t chirping.
My heart races as I see his name written in my unreadable scribble. But, I know it’s him. I’ve reserved his regular cabin.
Not that any of the other cabins are booked since it’s the shoulder season. No one in their right mind is here. The leaves are now brown and falling, the lake too cold to swim in, but too warm for winter activities.
He made his reservation for this year before he left last year.
I hope he shows. Even at the deep discounted rate I’ve given him for coming at this time of year, every penny counts.
That's not the only reason I hope he comes. No, this year I’m determined to talk to him, make him see me, and not look completely through me like I don’t exist. Make him realize I’m not just some anonymous person who hands him a key and makes him sign a receipt.
No, this year it’s going to be different.
I haven’t gotten laid in a long time.

So, tag. He’s it.

About the author:

JEANNE ST. JAMES is a bestselling erotic romance author who loves an Alpha male (or two). She was only thirteen when she started writing since it gave her an escape from teenage angst! Her first paid published piece was an erotic story in Playgirl magazine. Her first erotic romance novel, Banged Up, was published in 2009. She is happily owned by farting French bulldogs. She writes M/F, M/M, and M/M/F ménages. Want to read a sample of her work? Download a sampler book here:

To keep up with her busy release schedule check her website at or sign up for her newsletter: