Friday, July 21, 2017

Writers and promo and sales and...BINGO?


I'm a writer.

If you're on social media with any regularity, you probably know several of us. If you're a reader on social media, you could probably win at a BINGO game of writerly posts from today's feed alone: a release, a sale, a cover reveal, a quote from a great review, a promo giveaway, a contest where you can vote for the book, an invitation to join a street team or a Facebook event or come to a signing or ...anybody BINGO yet?

And on all those events and "buy my book"-themed bits, I bet it seems like writers are, to a one, really super proud of their work. Really super confident their book is the best ever and needs to be read right now. By you! For a super sale price today only!

Here's a dirty secret: some of us? Aren't really that confident. And we don't particularly enjoy inundating folks with promo.

In a perfect world, some fairy matchmaker would hook readers up with the perfect books for them, No writers would have to struggle and self-promote to find their audience. No readers would have to slog through a zillion "not my cuppa" books before they found their cherished "yes, this one!"

In an imperfect world...well, I don't have any solutions other than patience. Readers, please be patient with writerly promo. Writers, please be patient with reviewers who didn't find their cuppa. We are all in this together, the great maelstrom of emotion-wringing, fist-pumping entertainment., my book's on sale. Wanted and Wired is a near-future cyberpunk romance featuring a gun-toting badass heroine, a mysterious cybernetically enhanced hero who drives a really hot car, and a whole lotta smooching. Sometimes naked. If that's your thing, and you have a spare two bucks, here are some links: Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo.

Thanks, and, uh, BINGO. :)

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