Tuesday, July 25, 2017

What do you do when in an instant your perfect world is shattered?

Unwrapping Me by Bre Meli

~⭐~Releasing August 5th, the newest novel from Bre Meli~⭐~

         What do you do when in an instant your perfect world is shattered?

         Tyler Richards meet the man of her dreams, Charles Travers, in high school. Defying their parents, they ran away to marry and start the perfect life they had been planning for years.

        When a freak accident takes Tyler's dreams and crumbles them she spends more days pondering suicide than rebuilding her life.

         Charles sticks around mostly due to his own guilt. Twelve years they spend growing apart until finally Tyler sets him free. 

         Her best friend Eve will not let her fall into the pits of despair. Forces her to come back and join the human race. Working her body, her mind and her soul. Standing by her through every moment, never letting her lose site of what can be.

         Tyler's fear of another man seeing her scars, the deformities left from the accident, and her fear of how he will react to them, keeps her from wanting to find another man to love.

         Attending a boring party, Tyler meets a very beautiful, extremely seductive woman that leads her into a world she never knew existed. But, can she handle the things she sees? Only having one man her entire life and now meeting all of these men that want to be near her, with her. Which man is true? Which man can handle what lies beneath her clothing?

        The one that can is the one she least expects..... 
        The one that will bring her back from the hell she has lived for far too long and into the light, showing her that beauty comes from the inside. She is desirable. She is magnificent and she is to become his.


About the Author~

Bre is the mother of 2 grown ass boys and 2 granddaughters, one I will be meeting for the first time in October. Then there is Mr. Starr who I've been with for almost 11 years now. Got my piss on him when he was 23. (So teachable! Lol). He is my Rock even when I can't stand to be around him he still gives me goosebumps! I've lived in Northern Illinois/Southern Wisconsin all my life. Some day I'll get the hell out of here where it's warmer. I will miss the snow at Christmas. Guess that will be a Vaca every year. A few days in the but cold will be enough. Lol

I love reading, writing and music. My family is so important to me and with FB my family grows bigger all the time. Blood isn't the only way you can be family. Family is made from love I believe.

Keep an eye out for the links coming soon!! 

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