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Desiring Lacey - RELEASE DAY

It's here! It's here! Desiring Lacey is here!
Okay, sorry. I had to freak out for a little bit there.

So who the Heck is Lacey and Why Do We Care???

Lacey has been with me for awhile now. Her purpose has changed as time has gone on, and I truly wasn't sure how she'd manifest into my writing. Would she be a series on my website? Maybe a way to dip my toe into the pond of short erotica stories? Needless to say she's found a way out of my brain and managed to get her own book. That sneaky gal! ;)
Lacey, I believe, is all of us at some point or another. Male or female, young adults or older and been around the block a few times. She's that little voice in us that whispers in our ear that we want more. We want PASSION. LUST. SEX. And not just the ten minute pound sesh before bed. We want FOREPLAY, we want HEAT, we want to be so turned on it makes our bodies QUAKE. We deserve all of it! Every single delicious, shiver inducing kiss or stroke. It's not only ours to fantasize's ours to DEMAND.
Desiring Lacey tells the story of a woman desperately trying to find herself. To remember the fun, adventurous girl she used to be before life got in the way. She's been in a relationship since she was eighteen, and now that relationship has ended. In the blink of an eye she finds herself a twenty-nine year old woman with no idea of what she wants. What she likes. What she craves.
In an effort to help her loosen her inhibitions, her best friend, Stassi, convinces her to tag along to a very secret, very exclusive private party. A mansion in the ritzier part of Houston where men and women can go (by invitation only and always with a mask) to enjoy some anonymous fun.
She meets the doorman, Cameron, and some very hot and sexy times ensue.

I'll give you a little excerpt below, but's a tame one. If you want to get into some deliciously naughty business, go check out Chapter One. ;)
Erica Lynn

Cameron pulled away and leaned against the counter. “I think you
should let me take you out.”
“Where? To another one of your parties?”
“They aren’t my parties, sugar. And no. Unless you wanted to go, of
Lacey ran her hands through her hair, then began to twirl a
random curl around her finger. There were too many thoughts in her
head to concentrate, but a particular one continued to scream over
the others. You’re not ready for this.
“Okay… I’m truly flattered you’re asking me out, but my life is
kind of a shit show right now. I went to the party to loosen up and
live a little. Enjoy a new experience. That’s not the type of person I
typically am, though. In reality, I doubt you’d find me very much fun.
I’m really quite a bore, actually. And I’m not just saying that, either.
I’ve been told as much.” It was, after all, Trent’s favorite thing to say.
“Jesus, Lacey, you’re such a bore.” “Can you fucking loosen up for once?” “Life
is meant to be lived, you know?”

“Why don’t you let me find out for myself?”
“Look, the girl from last night isn’t me. She’s not here. I’m
truthfully not interested in one-night stands or a friends-with-benefits
type situation. Not that you care, but my life has been pretty
hellish over the past year, and I’m desperately trying to get my head
on straight and work on some things.” Such as jumping into situations
headfirst like an idiot with men I don’t know.
“I’m just saying, she was fun
and a little on the easy side. It’s fine, it was an experiment, it is what it
is. But you want to ask her out, and all I can offer is me.”
Cameron narrowed his eyes and studied her face, and Lacey
couldn’t help but feel as if he could see inside her. “I don’t think she
was easy. I think she was there to have a good time, and I sincerely
hope she did. And anyway, who says she’s all I want?”
Lacey gave an exasperated sigh and threw her hands in the air.
“Then what is it you want?”
“I want to take you out. You know, on a date.”
Cameron turned toward the back counter and grabbed a small bag
from the side, then placed it in front of Lacey.
She hadn’t noticed it when she’d looked over the food, but her
curiosity was definitely piqued.
He opened the bag and pulled out a wrapped sandwich, then
placed it in front of her. The paper crinkled as he pulled it back to
reveal an absolutely sinful grilled cheese sandwich. “I get why you’d
think I’m only interested in messing around again, and it’s okay. All
things considered, I can’t really say I blame you. But the truth is I
want to get to know you. Stassi mentioned you didn’t care for
lunch meat, so I made sure to get something you could eat. Their
grilled cheese are the best in town.”
Lacey’s stomach growled at the decadent smell of the food as he
pushed it closer. “I know, they’re my favorite.”
“You see, Lacey, I care about all of it. Let me take you out on a
proper date. We’ll start over. No funny business. I promise I’ll be an
absolute gentleman.”
“Ha.” Lacey unwrapped the rest of the sandwich and tore off a
large piece. “A gentleman would have brought tomato—”
“Soup?” Cameron reached back in the bag, pulled out a small
container of tomato soup, and placed it in front of her. “Yes, he
absolutely would.”
Lacey opened the container and smiled up at Cameron. Hmm. The
Sex God is kind of adorable…

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