Monday, January 30, 2012

Guest blogger: Kris Andersson

I have always felt that being a writer is something like being a parent…you should love all your children but, try though you might, there will always be one who is a particular favourite.

In the case of my first trio of stories, While the Wife’s Away, I must confess that I really do have a favourite, perhaps because it was the one I nurtured, developed and saw take on a life of its own over the greatest period of time.

I first had the idea for what was to become The Sin of Father Anthony – a deliciously naughty title I hope you’d agree – around 20 years ago, though at that point it was going to be the story of a middle aged woman seducing a young priest.

It was only many years later as I started to concentrate more of my time on writing adult fiction that I realized the story would work just as well in a gay setting – in fact, it works even better.

At its heart, of course, is the concept of the celibacy of the Catholic Priesthood and although I’m sure there are many priests who follow their vows of chastity scrupulously there must be just as many more who succumb to the natural urges that every man experiences – and that was the starting point for my young hero and his sexual adventures.

It’s the classic story of forbidden fruit, the desire for the thing we know we shouldn’t have but which we cannot resist and will do anything to attain.

But the thing that surprised me the most was the way that, as I started to write, I discovered a story that really did have a life of its own.

The old priest’s relationship with his lusty housekeeper and the narrator’s nights with a busty choir mistress just seemed to develop naturally as the original simple narrative – no more than just one sex scene and no back story – began to develop.

The greatest shock though came when my young storyteller decided to hitch hike to Scotland – not something I’d ever considered for him in the first outline - and was picked up by a tattooed trucker.

I still don’t really understand where the image of a big butch, hairy chested bloke emerging from a bathroom in nothing but stocking and suspenders came from but it’s one that turned me on and I hope it will do the same for you too.

The image of St Sebastian, punctured by arrows as he smiles down on the act of love below him is, I admit, my little tribute to the great Derek Jarman and his classic film Sebastiane.

I have had one complaint that The Sin of Father Anthony is blasphemous and should never have been written.

It came from somebody who claims to be a devout Christian and church goer – at which point I felt obliged to inquire why somebody of such strong convictions and faith was reading adult fiction in the first place!

I suspect his outrage was fuelled by the fact that he actually found the story extremely stimulating and sexually provoking…and I hope you will too.


While the Wife’s Away is a collection of three gay short stories from well-known erotic author Kris Andersson.

Available now:

While the Wife's Away: When the boss suggests an evening meeting at his home and makes it quite clear that his wife is away for the night, you can guarantee that there will be more than statistics and spread sheets on the agenda - and by the end of the night a new sort of business partnership has been created.

Masters and Servants: It's hard losing your job - and even harder looking for something new. But just how far will one man go to impress the boss? From steamy encounters in the office to passion in a scenic lift and shower room to lust in the potting shed, this is one job search that proves especially stimulating!

The Sin of Father Anthony: When a new priest arrives in town, one lapsed Catholic decides it's time to start attending Mass again - but he has more than absolution on his mind as he uses his girlfriend to get closer to the true object of his desire and give him a night he’ll never forget. From lusty housekeepers and choir mistresses to a hairy trucker with a taste for stockings and suspenders, this is a story packed with sexual thrills for a young man on a personal mission to satisfy his gay passions.


About Kris: Kris Andersson is an award-winning writer - and occasional actor - who specialises in gay erotica. His work has been described as both pacy and steamy. His current titles include While The Wife’s Away – a collection of three stories - Acts of Passion and A Special Gift. A fourth title is expected to be published very soon and will take Kris in a very different direction, a gay love story set against the horrors of the First World War and its aftermath.

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