Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Quick & Reckless is 99cents. A secret baby, secret step, Aussie billionaire romance.



Feb 27-March 6

Book 3, A Quick Billionaires Novel

A steamy secret baby, step romance.

Sometimes being reckless can be a step in the right direction.

Abandoned at the altar, humiliated in front of everyone she knows, Silver Belle (save the stripper jokes, she’s heard them all), flees her wedding determined to erase her ex-fiance from her memory. There’s a soul-mate for everyone? What a joke: there’s obviously none for her. She’s done with love. Done with doing the right thing. So when she meets Warren McAllister, a heart-stopping, drool-worthy Australian, she throws caution—and propriety to the wind—and makes him an outrageous proposal.

Warren’s always up for a challenge, so when a beautiful stranger in a poufy white dress dares him to join her for a weekend of passion to erase her past, he’s more than willing to sign up. Sex is just sex, after all. Only saying goodbye is harder than he expected, and he can’t seem to forget her, even after heading back to Tahiti for work. So when he returns a year later for his mother’s wedding, he’s excited to see Silver, ready for another tryst—and possibly even more.

Though their fling only lasted three days, Warren changed Silver, helped her, healed her. And he captured her heart. However, now she has secrets. Big “baby-sized” secrets that could destroy any possibility of a future together. She can only hope Warren will forgive her.


"I think these quick series books just keep getting hotter and hotter. Warren is just that damn hot. He's pure dom and his eyes blue as the sea. He's the perfect dark package. I want so much more of him. I felt bad for silver at first but then I realized she dodged a huge bullet. Loved this short sexy dirty story." ~ Italbooklover (Amazon Review)

"When I started reading this story, I couldn't put it down. I read the book in one day. This author is an awesome writer. I cannot wait to read more of their books. Keep up the great work. You should definitely read this book." ~Kathleen Bulfon (Amazon Review) 

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