Thursday, December 6, 2018

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It’ll take a tough woman to win this Hard Hart…

Krista Matthews, a hard-headed, hard-fighting rookie cop, is determined to prove herself on the force. It’s not just a man’s world anymore and she'll show them all she’s up to the challenge, even if it means putting up with the advances from her lecherous mentor, Myles Slade. However, Brock is even more stubborn than she is, he’s all male, all alpha—and whether she likes it or not he’s made keeping her safe his number one priority. He doesn't realize she doesn't need protection; she can take of herself and then some.

Brock Hart, bodyguard and retired special operative, has never known anyone like Krista. Ever since their first meeting, when she pulled him over for speeding, he’s been drawn to her. She infuriates him, challenges him, and has gotten under his skin in a way no woman ever has. He’s kept people at arm’s length all his life for good reason, but Krista won’t stand for it. She wants to know everything about him, and that puts him on edge. But one drunken night together changes everything. Their worlds are rocked, and Brock’s quiet, introverted life is threatened forever. Which may be exactly what he needs. 

Dirty Excerpt

She was close, damn close. And then Brock did something unexpected, yet again. The man was full of surprises. He gripped her by the ponytail, hauled her head back and up, then lunged at her mouth, capturing her sighs and gasps with his own.
They came together, finding their release at the same time, connected as the pleasure unfurled and ripped its way through them. Slashing and shredding everything in its path until they were limp and boneless, chests heaving.
With a ringing in her ears and a smile on her face, Krista tucked her nose against the crook of his neck and inhaled his scent. So manly, so sexy, so strong, so Brock.
Then, taking another risk, because tonight seemed to be a night for pushing past her comfort zone, she licked him. He was salty and tasted mildly of soap, and she wanted more. A whole hell of a lot more.
They sat there for a while in post-coital silence, allowing their breathing to return to normal. Their sweaty skin blossomed in gooseflesh as the chill of the house settled on tired, naked bodies.
“Wow,” she finally breathed, breaking the silence.
He grunted in response beneath her, his fingers dancing delicate and divine trails up her back. For a bossy jackass, he certainly had a sweet side when he wanted to.
“More of that for sure.”
Another grunt.
“Do you do more than just grunt? How about talk? I mean we’re living together, having a kid together, and now sleeping together, might as well get to know each other,” she said with a small laugh. Not even her laugh could force the virile strength of him from her body. If anything, he was growing harder. Could he go again? Already?
Brock cleared his throat, his face a mask of fierce alpha determination. “I fuck.” Then, without an ounce of warning, he pulled her off him, shoved her back into the plush couch and was back inside her, making her eyes shut and her entire body clench around him as she forgot all her questions and thought of nothing but how good it felt, how good he felt on top of her. Inside her. Surrounding her.

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