Monday, June 11, 2018

Enzo: The Wolves den

Enzo: Book One


Deja needed a job, but she got more than she bargained for when she entered The Wolves Den. They were a group of shapeshifting aliens living on the earth under the radar.

Enzo knew his life was changing the minute he laid eyes on Deja. Little details like the fact that she may not be able to handle him sexually flew out the window. He had to have her.

Everything told her to leave him alone he was her boss, but her body and her mind wanted him. How was she supposed to know that her ex would try to kill her in a jealous rage?

Life was out of control and she was becoming something never seen on earth before. Let the good times roll.


“Nice to meet you, Cole. I can’t wait to learn.”

He gave a nice laugh and a friendly smile. “We’ll start out easy tonight. You’ll be responsible for the beer and anyone who wants a soft drink.”

A round of boos went up at the mention of soft drinks, and she broke out into an amused laugh. The whole bar stopped to look at her. Those eyes she thought were shining earlier were ablaze now. She was closer to being clinically insane than she thought.

“If you’re not drinking I’m kicking you out!”  The whole bar started mumbling at Cole, but at least no one was staring at her now. She could do this. With a smile, Cole showed her which glasses he used for beer and which ones he used for soft drinks. She truly wasn’t much of a drinker, so she was amazed at the different glasses he used behind the bar.

“Are you messing with me? You don’t drink?”

“I’m telling the truth I had a couple of wine coolers when I was younger, and I even had sex on the beach and masturbation.” Her cheeks turned red even as she said the words.

“It was on a dare wasn’t it?”

She laughed, “It was. I had to go up to the bar and order them. That was back when I was in college. It feels like forever now.”

She was wiping up the bar even though it didn’t need it. These males seemed to like things clean.

“Well my teetotaler, you’re going to have to drink alcohol, so you know the different flavors. It will help you make sure the patrons are ordering what they need.”

“I hope this doesn’t sound bad, but shouldn’t they know what they want to drink?’

“Not always but I’ll explain that further after your thirty days are up.”

She was fine with that. What she wasn’t fine with was her stomach when it started to rumble.

“Did you eat dinner?” He looked her over with a frown.

“I didn’t have time; I’ll get something when I get home.”

“Enzo!” Cole’s voice cut through all the noise. The door beside the bar opened, Enzo and Declyn stuck their heads out.

It was obvious to her by the looks on their faces they were expecting trouble.

“She hasn’t eaten.” His voice was calm as he pulled her back away from the bar putting his body in front of her.

“Shit,” Enzo jumped the bar. Her eyes went wide while her hormones went into overdrive.

“Damn she smells good,” A thick male voice said
“And this is why we don’t hire tasty little morsels like her,” Declyn said as he jumped the bar. “Get her fed.”

“You want her you’ll have to go through me.” Declyn looked at them with a smile.

She could swear his body was getting bigger. She wanted to protest, to stop the madness before it went any further but she was scared, and no matter what she said, she didn’t scare easily.

Enzo took her by the arm and started pulling her into the other room. She knew it was him by the way his hand felt on her. His touch was different from the others, and she would have wondered about it, but she was too busy making sure no one jumped her.


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