Monday, December 25, 2017

Have Yourself a Sexy Winter Holiday - Day 3 Excerpt 2 - Cailin Briste

Derek doesn’t mind the bouncing, but the jingling is getting on his nerves when Jane decorates for Christmas. Life on board a long-haul space ship can get frustrating, but when the trio on board includes the needs of a sadist, a masochist, and a submissive, it can get explosive. With his boy elf, Siever, rebelling, Derek dons his Santa Dom hat determined to punish those on his naughty list.

Merry Christmas, Santa
A Short Story
By Cailin Briste

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An excerpt that will make you wish you were on Santa’s naughty list.

With a smile, Jane announced, “Presents first, and then we eat Christmas dinner.” She reached under the tree, pulling out two gifts. “This is for you.” She handed Siever a red and green package. “And this is for you.” She handed Derek a small box and then sat back, bouncing her bottom on her heels in excitement, her lips pursed in a very kissable smile.

Siever tore into the wrapping, exclaiming with delight when he pulled out a bright red rope.

Jane burst out, “It’s hemp. And there are four ropes. Maybe you could tie me up, or…” she grinned, “let Derek tie you up and let me have my wicked way with you.”

Siever wiggled his eyebrows and thanked Jane. They both turned to watch Derek. He opened his box to find a silver ball studded with sharp spikes. It fit perfectly in the palm of his hand.

“That’s a porcupine ball. You can use it wearing a glove or without so you can feel the sensations, too. I’m kind of looking forward to having you roll it on me,” Jane giggled.

Derek sent her a smoldering look. “I’ll bet you are.”

“My turn.” Siever plopped gifts in front of each of them, then settled back to watch.

“Oh!” Jane rose on her knees and gave Siever a big hug. “You got me a new hung hunk dildo. I’ve missed mine after it broke. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Siever hugged her back, sneaking in a quick squeeze on her ass.

Derek interrupted with a sharp crack from his new riding crop. Jane jumped.

“This will come in handy very soon,” he sneered. He loved the intimidation effect and the way Jane’s breasts bounced when she jumped.

“Mmmmm” Siever responded. The sound of a crop striking always aroused Siever.

Jane tittered. “I guess it’s time to pop dinner in the rehydrator and eat. Siever, can you help me get the table and chairs back out here?”


“Just a minute. Sit still. I have something I need to bring out here.”

When he returned holding a large box, Jane and Siever looked at each other mystified.

“I never saw him go shopping,” Jane said.

“Me neither.”

“I didn’t need to. I got Grant at Love Connection to put this together for me.” He thrust it into Jane’s hands. “Well, open it. There’s stuff in there for all of us together.”

Derek watched in anticipation while Jane lifted the flaps of the box and removed items from it.

“Honey dust.” Jane oohed and flicked her tongue over her lips. “I get to use it first on Derek’s balls!”

Siever pulled something bright out. “Edible panties.” Then he imitated Jane and wiggled his eyebrows.

Telltale blush giving her away, Jane acted as though she hadn’t noticed and pointed into the box. “There’s something in the bottom.”

Siever pulled out a round paddle with the letter D carved out of the center. He chuckled. “A little something for you, Derek.”

Jane pushed the box from her lap, crawled to where Derek was standing and hugged him around his hips. “Thank you, Sir. You’ve made Christmas wonderful.”

He stroked Jane’s hair. His voice husky, Derek told Siever, “Bring the paddle. It’s time for an appetizer. We’ll eat dinner later. Santa wants to play.”

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