Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Interview with a Debut Authoress

I am beside myself with excitement. Let’s say, literally.

Interviewer-me: So, person who has been writing for years and finally penned a book that sold and that will be released next Tuesday, April 4, 2017, are you excited about your book coming out?

Real-me: Sure.

INT: Are you having a launch party?

Me: I bought wine?

INT: Er, I guess that counts. How about smaller celebrations? I’ll bet your family is super proud of you.

Me: My mom asked about the book. I told her it has lots of sex in it. Mom’s whole face went pink with glee.

INT: No, but you really did something. Accomplished something. A thing you have wanted to do all your life. How does it feel?

Me: Do I get one of those Achievement Unlocked badges?

INT: We can make that happen.

Me: I really does feel nice. I wrote a book. Granted, it’s been a while since I read that book, and I’ve written several since then, so I hope it’s as good in reality as it is in my memory.

INT: What if it isn’t?

Me: Readers will hate it.

INT: What if it is?

Me: Readers will love it? And possibly buy the next one in November?

INT: What if they really love it?

Me: I can’t imagine. I mean, I literally cannot imagine what that would be like to have a gajillion people read my book. Not to mention, it would be stupid to sit around imagining such things, wouldn’t it? Because if I let myself do that, the reality would never compare to the imagining, even if it was a respectably good reality. Fantasy is always better. So I’m trying to clear my mind of expectation. Trying to wine at wine-able parts of this adventure and just breathe through the rest of it.

INT: Is there anything you’d like to say to readers directly?

Me: If you look at the blurb and think it sounds interesting, I hope you read this book. I hope you finish it. I hope you like it. If there are flaws in it, please know they’re all mine. I own those. Don’t hold it against the characters, because they've lived in my head for years, and believe me, they are awesome. I love them so much. And if you don’t love them after having read this book, that’s completely on me.

INT: Anything you want to say to them?

Me: The characters?

INT: Yeah.

Me: Don’t you worry. You guys stay together forever. This is the real deal. And thank you SO MUCH for letting me peek at your story and share it. I loved every second of writing you guys.

So, erm, thanks for letting me talk to me. (Which wasn't awkward at all.)

Oh, and this is the book:

Coming at ya April 4, 2017.

Pre-order at Amazon Barnes & Noble | iBooks 

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Christa Paige said...

I love this interview Viv. You have totally shown us how the whole on the verge of being published thing feels.
PS They are all going to love it.
Get that wine ready but for toasts. Lots and lots of congratulation posts.
I'll be the first, at least, in the Pacific Day Light Zone. Don't make me get up at EST to cheer.