Sunday, November 13, 2016

Nadia's Dragon

“How are two dragons sitting here looking like humans?” Answer that question. A smile played around her lips. It was such a shame that Maceo was crazy because she liked the way he looked and smelled. She was dying to touch him.
“Give me a minute I am coming to that part of the story. We worked hard on our plan while dragon souls were entering Eternities plane killed by vengeful humans who didn’t realize they were killing the wrong beings. Soon we had a plan it would take all four of us combining the power off our dragon’s together. Something that had never been done before. We opened the door to the next plane and trapped Mutufa between us, but he had a plan of his own.
“Right before we were able to push him through he threw out a black powder, it spread eventually covering the whole earth, but it started with the four of us. It touched us found its way into our bodies. We rushed towards the ground probably the only thing that saved our lives. We became human the transition was painful, and we mourned. I mourned as my dragon body slid away and I was left in the shell of a man. My hoard was so far away from where I was and much too high, I refused to think about it because there was no way I could reach it. We spent years’ hundreds of them as males. At first, we thought our torture would be over quickly that we would succumb to the short years of a human. Eventually as all those around us aged and we didn’t, we realized we still retained our longevity of life.
“This meant we had to move and keep moving before anyone noticed we weren’t aging. I still don’t know how it happened you will have to ask Syn he takes credit for it. One day we changed. We were dragons again able to soar the skies, but soon we realized we were no longer a pure dragon. We were shifters with the abilities to change forms at will. This was helpful because the world no longer believed in dragons.”
“How have you stayed under the radar with telephone poles and wires and antennae’s and satellites and numerous other inventions, like radar? Explain that one.”
“We live in a world that is separate from yours. That you will have to see to believe.”
“I think I’ll need to see your dragon to believe. Why don’t you turn into one now? Either of you.”
“This is a big room but not big enough for me to change into my dragon form. I also would not want to put my weight on the houses foundation.”
Nadia’s cheek burned. Was that a veiled reference to her weight?
“I have no trouble standing on the floor.” Her voice came out bitter, of course, he wanted someone smaller.
“Why would you have a problem standing here? You are tiny my dragon is not.”
“I’m not amused, and I am not tiny.”
“Women are confusing. Dragon mates even more. I’m glad she is your mate and not mine,” Zeno confessed.
“What is he talking about,” she asked Maceo.
“He does not understand why you think you are anything but tiny. I must confess I am confused about this as well.”
She looked down at her body and saw it through the eyes of others. “Of course, you want to be a cook,” one of her associates had said. “All big people love to cook.” That was one of the nice reactions she had to becoming a chef and wanting to open her own restaurant.
“All you have to do is look at me to see I am bigger than the norm. I should be Alexa’s size.”
“No, Alexa should eat more, but Syn is working on that. You are a perfect size.”
She watched the muscles in his legs constrict under his pants as he stood up and walked over to her. Before she knew it, he leaned over and picked her up.
“Put me down you muscle bound Neanderthal.” Her voice came out shaky.
“Like I said, tiny.” He then threw her up in the air and caught her, then repeated the action.
Zeno laughed while she screamed all the things she was going to do to him when he put her down. It took a few agonizing minutes but her terror turned when she realized he wasn’t breathing hard, and he wasn’t even close to missing her. Suddenly her heart unthawed just a little, and she enjoyed the feel of the air as it passed her face. Her mother throwing her up in the air as a child came back to her. She had forgotten that memory. A laugh left her making her happy for the first time in a long time.
Maceo finally held her close to his chest and just breathed her scent in, while she breathed in his. It was crazy; it was foolish, but in that one minute, it made more sense than hiding out from a shadow.
He placed her back in her chair and stroked her bright red hair before he backed away.
“I love your red hair and your brown eyes,” Maceo said sitting back down.
“Maybe the hair came from a bottle.” Was the only reply she could make while laughter was still on her lips and her heart was beating frantically because those strong fingers had been on her and all she wanted was more. She wanted the simple caress of his hands on her hair to extend to her face then her arms. She wanted to feel the strength of this hands and feel his arms wrapped around her in a hug. She wanted Maceo, and she didn’t know why.
“Not that hair, it’s natural. It tells the world exactly who you are. It’s not your fault that the world has lost its ability to read the signs before it.”
“But you know what my hair means. You can read the sign. Don’t keep me waiting. Tell me.”
“You’re a dragon’s mate. You were meant to mate bond.”
“A what?”

“A dragon mate—my mate.”

Maceo looked so pleased that she almost wanted to leave it alone—almost. But she wasn’t stupid, and she had a very good idea what he was saying. If he thought, he could just come in here with his good looks, and his hot body and she’d sleep with him because he was calling her mate. He had another thing coming and who did that anyway?
“I am not yours. You can’t just claim me like I’m some prize you get to pick.” She crossed her arms over her chest and looked at him.
“You’re right you’re not mine, and I can’t claim you like a prize. At the same time, you are my mate and all I want is a chance to prove to you we belong together. Isn’t that how they do it in your world. You meet someone you feel chemistry with, and you give them a chance to prove they are the perfect one for you?”
“That sounds about right.”
“Then why wouldn’t you do that with me? I think you’re a prize, beautiful and luscious, but that’s just what my senses tell me about your body. I believe you’re also intelligent and caring. That’s a part of you; I want to get to know then there are all the hidden parts of you that I want to get to know also. I’m not riding in on a steed to snatch you up and tell you; you’re mine. I am coming to you with an offer to get to know who I am.”
That was probably the nicest as well as the hottest offer she ever got. The older she got, the less refined the offers. One man had simply told her she should be pleased that he picked her. Like she was yesterday’s leftovers.
Before she could think of a reply, the house shook.

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