Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sneak Peek Sunday: Brothers in Blue: Max by Jeanne St. James

Here's a sneak peek at Jeanne St. James' new release: Brothers in Blue: Max

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance (Law enforcement)
Length: Novel

He was wearing that damn dark blue uniform again. But this time the shirt was unbuttoned, hanging open to show the white T-shirt he had on underneath it.

He unfastened his black leather belt and slowly slipped it out of the belt loops. Like he was stripping. He was teasing her! He dropped it to the floor. He removed the uniform shirt and flung it across the room. The T-shirt underneath hugged his skin, giving her a preview of what was underneath it.

He was getting undressed way too slow.

With a yank, the T-shirt was gone too. She waited for him to grab the front of his pants and pull, like an exotic dancer would with Velcro pants. One tug and whoosh! Nothing but leopard-print thong on.

But she was disappointed when that didn’t happen; he just sat on the corner of the bed and removed his black boots. Like a normal person. He turned to look at her.

She was naked and waiting on the bed. Her nipples hardened under his gaze, and she ran her fingers over them, circling. They were sensitive and begging for his touch. His mouth. His tongue.

She bet he knew just what to do with that tongue.

He stood, the mattress evening out from the lack of his weight. He faced her with a hungry look. It was like he wanted to eat her.

Well, if he did, she wasn’t going to complain. In fact, she would be quite accommodating.

She bent her knees and let them fall open, giving him a view that she hoped he’d never forget.

She sucked on her finger just enough to wet it, then stroked herself. She spread her lips, showing him just how much she wanted him. She was ready.

“Officer, I’ve been a bad girl.” She pouted.


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