Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dream big, little newbie

Most of the Romance Writers Who Behave Badly are super veteran. And talented. And just generally awesome. But they also let me be part of their group and post here from time to time, and I'm no voice of authority, just another beginner trying to make this writing thing happen. I figure some folks who visit here are in a similar place. Welcome.

Lately in my journey, two very marketing-savvy folks have advised me to dream big. I should develop writing goals, see, like make the NYT bestseller list or be in book stores or win awards. These are worthy dreams in terms of making a career as a writer. But honestly, I'm more interested in making a life as a writer, if that even makes sense. So here are my big dreams:

I dream that one day I'll write a book that a complete stranger will read, and it will make her cry. 

Him too.

I dream that one day I'll wrap up in shiny paper a book that has my name on the cover. I'll give it to my mother and tell her thank-you for all those yard-sale novels she bought me for a dime each when I was a kid. Hundreds of them, stored in the garage because Dad wasn't into that stuff.

I dream that some day I'll chat with my daughter over tea and mention how when she was in grade school she said she wanted to be just like me and write stories. I'll remind her that I'm always proud of her, but that nothing has ever made me prouder of myself than her comment that day.

I dream that some brand-new writer will come to me and ask for advice, and I'll cheer her on and tell her that she has talent and watch her flourish in her writing adventure, and I'll pay forward all the kindness I've received from other writers over the years. And the cycle won't stop.

I dream that some day a teenager will write breathless not-half-bad fanfiction based on my worlds and characters.

And that other fans will get it. And run with it.

I dream that some day a student will write a paper based on one of my books and not curse me throughout.

Okay, some cursing allowed. 

Because achieving even just one of those dreams? Would totally be worth it.


William Kendall said...

Those are good dreams!

Kayelle Allen said...

What a great dream to have. I share some of those. Keep going! We were all newbies once...