Friday, October 12, 2012

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait... by Serena Shay

So an interesting thing happened to me as I worked on this week's blog...

My character jumped in and changed everything up.  Who knew Leo and Cami went to school together.  Who knew he was a geek turned alpha and who really knew he was a Dom!

A lot of my Talbot's Peak family is leaning heavily into the BDSM lifestyle...a total, but welcome surprise.

As an author, I would love to have the plotting ability down cold, however, the voices in my participants in my writing journey, don't want to let me.  Too boring, they say...not enough freedom, they whine.

I gotta tell ya, if this crew is allowed anymore freedom, I just might find myself locked away!  Pads on the very white walls.  Just make sure I have a computer at my disposal, or a marker...I can make it work.  ~wink~

It took everything Leo had to hold back the chuckle bubbling up inside him.  Cami Ann Wilk, the quietly sexy, shyly searching wolf who’d overlooked his geeky nature all through school, here in the office with Kennel cough.  Fate was being incredibly kind to him today.

“Well, what do we have here?  I see you’re a shapeshifter, canine breed wolf, with a nasty sounding cough.  How about we get you on the table and have a listen to those lungs.”  He squat; readjusting the kilt as he went, and scooped up the lovely wolf.  “Such soft fur, lots of protein in your diet?”

A sort of cough/snort erupted from her muzzle and drooly snot ran down her lips.  She looked away and whined.  The sound was pure embarrassment.  In her human form a blush would spread across her pale skin—a visual reminder of how close to the surface her blood flowed and the pleasure she’d find his brand of love.  Over the years he’d spent an inordinate amount of time watching her, hoping she would see him back.

He ran his hands over her head and down her back, both to sooth and steady the beautiful animal before reaching for his stethoscope.  “Okay, sweetheart, deep breath in…and out.  Once more…” 

The nice thing about working with shifters was that they actually listened to what you told them while in their alternate form.  Well, some did.  There was this smarty pants squirrel who didn’t listen to anyone and a snake that was forever trying to peek under his kilt, but both were so amusing he didn’t mind playing along.

“Sounds to me like kennel cough.  Can I assume you were out on Jack and Jill’s hill last week at the monthly free-for-all?”  Once again she issued the cough/snort and lowered her eyes.

Yeah, she was there wandering—though not participating.  Hers had been a familiar expression, he’d seen it all through school; she wanted to join the group she was just too submissive to make the attempt. 

“Cami Ann,” He said, tipping her head up so he could look into her crystalline blue eyes.  His use of her name shocked her into skittering and nearly falling from the exam table.  “Careful now.  Go ahead, shift and get dressed.  You and I have much to discuss.”

Leo walked to the door, looked back and smiled.  His years away had taught him more than veterinary science; he’d perfected his technique under many of the best Doms across the country—though none better then Talbot Peak’s very own dominating duo, Mistress Penelope and Master Dom.  All in preparation for his return to her…his perfect submissive.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  Stay warm and dry, or cool and wet...whatever trips your trigger.  :D



Savanna Kougar said...

Happy Reading, everyone!

Serena Shay said...

Thanks for the post, Savanna! :D

William Kendall said...

Terrific excerpt, Serena!