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A Look Back: Surrender Love

Surrender Love
I'm working on the sequel to this book, and thought a peek back at Luc getting his first chance alone with Izzorah might be fun. Here's the scene set up: The immortal Luc Saint-Cyr risked everything by donating blood to save the life of Izzorah Ceeow, the drummer of the rock group Kumwhatmay. But from the moment they'd met, he'd been pulled toward him by the peace radiating from the younger man, and the inner joy that Luc had forgotten could exist. Sensing Izzorah might respond out of gratitude, Luc forces himself to stay away, and buries himself in his work.
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Luc lifted his fourth cup of coffee only to find it empty. He set it down and scrubbed both hands over his face, picked up the contract he'd been reading and started in again.
Ms. Mead knocked and let herself in, but stayed at the door. "Excuse me, sir. I know you didn't want to be disturbed."
"When has that ever kept you from interrupting?" He kicked back in the chair and smiled, hands folded across his waist. "You're so perfect at everything else, I don't mind dealing with it."
She drew herself up to her full height, more than a foot shorter than Luc. "Why, sir, I do believe in your own irascible way you have paid me a compliment."
He couldn't help but chuckle. "Don't get used to it. What's up?"
"A gentleman is here to see you, but he does not have an appointment."
He sat forward, hands flat on the desk. "And for that you interrupted me?"
"It's Izzorah Ceeow."
Luc stood at once. "Damn it, woman. Stop dallying and show him in!"
She had the gall to smirk. "I knew you'd say that."
While she went to fetch Izzorah, Luc stepped into the adjoining private bathroom and checked his hair and tie before returning.
Izzorah stood inside the door, left arm in a sling, dressed in dark slacks and a white shirt. He broke into a smile that brightened Luc's day. "Thanks for letting me come in. I know you're busy."
"Always time for you." Luc crossed the room to meet him, then took his outstretched hand in both his own. "I'm surprised you're out of the hospital so soon, but you look well." He held his gaze, willing him not to look away, not to be intimidated. Few met his all-black gaze, but the young Kin only smiled. "Izzorah, your eyes absolutely sparkle. I'm so glad you're better. Please, come sit."
Izzorah walked beside him toward the pair of white leather couches. "I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated all the flowers you sent. They made my room smell like home." He smiled up at Luc. "It was like being in my father's garden back on Felidae. The scent took me back to my childhood, playing outside with my cousins on a spring morning. Thank you."
"My pleasure. I'm glad you enjoyed them. I asked for flowers from Felidae, so I'm glad they made you happy. Please, have a seat." Luc took the same couch, sitting beside him. They faced one another, both turned toward the center. "Your color is good. You were pale as this white couch the last time I saw you. How are you feeling?"
"Great!" Izzorah moved his bandaged arm. "The doctor said I'm healing faster than he expected, considering how much damage there was."
You're in for it, old man, if they decide to go testing that blood of yours. He cleared his throat. The desire to hold him made Luc place the tips of his fingers on Izzorah's chin, turning his face this way and that. "Your face escaped even the smallest cut. I'm glad." He folded his hands. "You have the most incredible smile."
Izzorah blushed darkly, bit his lower lip, the tips of his fangs showing. "Thank you."
"I heard the story from Kory when I arrived at the hospital. You were lucky not to have been hurt worse. Mynkoh said you had trouble recalling the incident."
"It all happened so fast. It's fuzzy, you know? Like I dreamed it. I remember people yelling, and that I wanted to sit up and no one would let me. Which turned out to be a good thing, since I was in shock. I could've died if it hadn't been for Kory, Fletch, and you. I owe you my life. I can't thank you enough."
"I can't bear to see anyone suffer when I can help."
Izzorah took a hesitant sniff and then broke into a smile. "You know, when we were doing the holovid for I, Ran, the actor used that same line. 'I can't bear to see anyone suffer when I can help.' It was Ran's way." He tilted his head, ears forward. "You look a lot like him."
Luc swallowed. "The actor?"
"No, sorry. I meant Ran Holding. They showed us the old flatpics they had of him. There was a whole book. You could play him a lot better than Dennis could." He shrugged. "Not that he was bad, but you'd be really impressive dressed up like Ran."
Luc smiled. "Would I, now? I've always thought it might be fun to be a cowboy. Did you ride in the vid?"
"I was the only one they didn't have to teach. My mother raised horses, and she used to strap me onto her back when she rode. Pretty soon, I was in front of her, and by the time I was two, I had my own horse. Mother said I was a natural." Izzorah squinted, glanced away. He passed his right thumb over the back of his other hand. "On Felidae, when someone saves your life, you owe them a debt." He met Luc's gaze. "I want you to know that if you ever need me, I will be there for you."
Throat caught with emotion, Luc blinked away the unexpected tears that sprang to his eyes. Where's this coming from? "Izzorah, believe me, it was my privilege to help you. I'm glad I was there."
His wistful smile pulled Luc under his spell. "So am I." He stood, and Luc joined him. "I won't keep you any longer. I simply had to come by and thank you personally."
Luc Saint-Cyr
"You can be personal with me anytime you like."
Izzorah ducked his head, grinning, ears forward.
"Er -- No. What I meant was…" Luc's cheeks burned. "I…I mean, we're being personal right now, and that's -- uh --" He shook his head, fingertips to brow. "When I'm around you, I seem to open my mouth only to change which foot I stick in it." He coughed politely. "I'll shut up now." Luc clasped both hands behind him.
The serene smile drew Luc forward as if he wore a leash, and he had to clench his hands, not trusting himself. With the least incitement, he'd take the Kin into his arms.
Izzorah turned and took a step toward the door.
Izzorah flinched and turned back to him.
"Do you have to go so soon?" Get it together, Luc. You sound like a teenager with a crush. Man up! He coughed into a fist. "Are you free for lunch?"
Izzorah bit his lip. "I wish I was, but I promised Aylogee Mynkoh I'd meet her across town." He covered his mouth. "Oh, I'm sorry. Aylogee is aunt. I think in Felis sometimes."
"Te shah Felis."
He blinked. "You speak Felis? I didn't know that."
"We should talk sometime," Luc responded in that language.
Izzorah shivered as if cold. "I would love to." He grimaced. "But I really have to go. I'd love to speak my cradle language. I get hungry for it, you know? I miss home." The sadness in his voice melted Luc's heart.
"I'll take you to dinner and we'll talk about Felidae. I've been there many times. It's a beautiful, lush world. I'm about to build a home there, on the Ruh continent." He walked him to the door. "When are you free?"
Izzorah stood so close Luc could feel the warmth of his body all along his length. "As it happens, my schedule's open every night for two months." His flirty smile drew a grin from Luc. "Since you canceled our tour while I get better."
What is it about you that makes me want to grin like a fool? "Have you ever been to Batchelors Four?"
A look of momentary panic crossed Izzorah's face, chased by one of determination. He lifted his chin higher. "Not yet. But I'd love to go. It's something I've always wanted to do."
"Are you certain? It has quite a reputation. Once you're seen there -- or anywhere -- with me, there will be no hiding. I take it that's something you're used to doing."
"Yes." Izzorah wet his lips, his cheeks pale. "It's time for me to take a step forward. I want to go there. Especially with you." He faced Luc, shoulders back, face tilted up to him like a flower to the sun. Trust, hunger, and fear warred for dominance in his eyes. Hunger won. No innocent looked at Luc Saint-Cyr with such hunger and remained pure for long.
"God help me, Izzorah, I have to warn you. You're not safe with me." He caressed one thumb across the Kin's lower lip, savoring the golden tones of his skin. "I'm not a nice man. I won't hold it against you if you think twice and decide I'm not worth the risk."
Izzorah moved Luc's hand to his cheek and leaned against it as he had in the hospital. "I know what I'm risking. I know what I want."
Luc leaned closer, gaze locked with Izzorah's, willing him to submit, to come to him of his own accord. "Do you?"
The Kin brought both ears forward, his slashed pupils widening. His gaze lingered on Luc's eyes, lowered to his mouth, and returned to his eyes. "Yes." He released Luc's hand. "I do."
"Then you shall have whatever you desire." He stepped back, opened the door, and walked out with Izzorah, stopping at Ms. Mead's desk. "Which night this week am I free for dinner at Batchelors Four?"
She glanced at Izzorah before bringing up a glowing agenda. She chose a few squares and they zoomed in, larger. "You're dining with the new governor of Notidisia tonight, and then escorting her to her fealty ceremony at the palace, but tomorrow night is unscheduled, sir."
"Excellent. Tomorrow it is." Luc accompanied him to the door, past others in the waiting room, and adjusted the Kin's collar.
Izzorah glanced down at his hands, the tip of his tongue showing as he wet his lips.
Luc pulled back. "Your collar was caught under the sling, and it --" Shut up, Luc! You're doing it again.
"Can you really get us into Batchelors Four?" Izzorah smoothed the hang of his sling. "I hear there are always lines at the door."
"Private table. I'm a part owner." He patted his chest. "I can't wait to show up with you on my arm. Every man in the place will be jealous as hell."
Blushing, Izzorah stared up at him with such heat in his emerald eyes it was all Luc could do not to pull him close and kiss it away.
Oh, you've got it bad, old man. Let him go before you take him in your arms and make a spectacle of yourself in your own waiting room. He clasped both hands behind him. "I'll see you tomorrow night. Eight? No, seven. Seven will give us an extra hour of time together. Seven o'clock."
Izzorah treated Luc to one of his gorgeous smiles. "I'll be ready."
Luc could not tear his gaze away until the door shut and Izzorah was no longer in sight.
- - -
Izzorah Ceeow
Surrender Love (a Tarthian Empire Story)
Not rebound, payback, loneliness, or great sex, and far beyond love. This is surrender.
Genre: Erotic Science Fiction Romance, Gay Romance, LGBT, Multicultural
Warning: Contains graphic sex, anal sex, plus extreme cuddling, tenderness, and the seduction of a virgin who knows exactly what -- and who -- he wants.
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ISBN: 9781596328747

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