Thursday, September 14, 2017

Xander: The last book in The Wolves Den series

The last book in The Wolves Den Series

Xander was doing CPR. He had learned it because of what sage had gone through.

“I’m giving her a shot of adrenaline,” Cait told him as she pushed him to the side. She plunged the needle directly into her heart.
Saffron’s body convulsed.

“Hold her down.”

Xander placed his hands on her arms then leaned over her upper body keeping her in place. Cait was monitoring her heart rate.

“It’s slowing down.”

Xander tried to take a deep breath since that was good news. His heart was beating faster than Saffron’s. He turned his head slightly so he could look into the corner. Caden was standing there by himself. Sage was sitting on a chair far away from both of them.
He gave his first real sigh of relief. Caden looked casual and non-threatening, but he knew different. If he made one wrong move, his twin would be on him. That’s one of the things he loved about Caden. He liked to act first and ask questions later.

“She has a normal rhythm.”

Now the worst part was about to happen. They waited. Would she maintain her normal heartbeat or would it slow down again or even stop? He ran his hand over her arm. It was to help her, but really, he needed the contact. As long as he could feel her skin soft and warm, he knew he could keep it together. He counted down the time as he held her. Her breathing was soft against the side of his face. The feel of it gave him comfort.

“Xander back up, she’s been stable for five minutes.”

He nodded and slowly let her go already missing the comfort of the heat of her body.

“Saffron?” He called her name hoping to get a response.

“Xander? What happened?” She opened her eyes to take in more than one person standing over her.

“You stopped breathing. We were talking about the name of the person who tried to kill you. It must have triggered an implanted command in your brain.”

“That was hellish. I remember something dark and repulsive.”

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