Sunday, October 13, 2013

Celebrate with Decadent Publishing - Happy Birthday 1 Night Stand

A few years back, three amazing gals proposed a 3-book series about an elegant Frenchwoman who set up 1Night Stands and the couples ended up HEA. After they wrote the first few books, they chatted it up to a few authors they knew who decided THEY wanted to write a story for the series, too. And then.....the idea exploded! With over 200 books in the 1 Night Stand Series and a bunch of wonderful authors, Decadent Publishing is celebrating this month with blog tours, author interviews and prizes.
Join me and the rest of the 1NS team
during a weeklong celebration Oct 14 - 20.

Mary Quast has been a writer for the 1 Night Stand Series since 2011.  Visit her blog,
Romantic Interludes, for tempting teasers from her and fellow authors. Be sure to enter the contests!  

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William Kendall said...

Isn't it odd how an idea can blossom like that?

Congratulations to the One Night Stand crew!