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Enduring Bond

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It has been one month since Mated in Treason released and wow what an incredible ride. I didn't expect for readers to love Gunnar and Nadia as much as I do. Some of the reviews have me tickled pink.
 Like this one: 5☆ review- "Completely unputdownable. I inhaled this book within a day of opening the first page. Cover to cover it read so well with genuine uniqueness not often found in the genre that has seen pretty much everything" - SinĂ©ad McKenna Emerald Book Reviews

And this one:  Un-put-down-able! Put this on the top of your Summer reading list! By Barryn Spynstyr

And one more:
Ms. Paige has created an amazing and unique take on the vampire world. Well written and engrossingly detailed. this book will ensnare you from the start. By Aunt G

So to celebrate the one month release of Mated in Treason, I wrote a newsletter exclusive novel.

I cannot wait for you to meet Mariyah and her hero. Writing this story and venturing behind the enemy lines, into the labs of the Lifespan Institute, was one hell of a ride. For the first time, I found myself facing the horrors these honorable vampires have been suffering for decades and I wanted to stay there, rescuing every single one. Enduing Bond is a unique look into the world of the Kan Asma vampires because this time, it's about saving the hero before time runs out. It's about love that breaks the chains -literally- keeping the hero and heroine apart. And, it's about a deep, all consuming love that makes an Enduring Bond.

Mariyah's a scientist charged with learning the Kan Asma Vampires' secret to longevity. A-Fourteen is her subject. Her blood is the key but her heart won't allow her to betray the beautiful yet broken male she's ordered to experiment on. Each time they are together, she finds herself drawn to him, even falling for him, until he's no longer a number but someone with a name and a family. Someone she could love. The desire in his eyes is impossible to ignore. To save him, she'll endure anything and risk her life as an ally to the Kan Asma Vampires. Time is running out and so are her options. If she doesn't find a way to rescue him soon, he will be eliminated and it will be her fault. Losing him would destroy her. She will find a way to save him or die trying.

Here's a longer blurb:
Captured as a youngling, he’s wasted away in an impenetrable dungeon for decades. His home is a dank cell and titanium chains are his only companions. He's been tortured for years in the name of science. They’ve stripped everything from him including his name but he remembers who he is, and it's not a weak human. When the Director throws a woman at his feet, he doesn’t care if she bleeds to death. The scientists have tried everything to get him to spill the Kan Asma’s secrets to longevity and he’s always fought them. Until he tastes her sweet blood and she touches him with kindness, shattering his resistance. This woman broke through the horrors of his existence and makes him feel alive. When she promises to save him, he must decide if he can trust her. No matter what, he can’t fall in love with her. To protect her he must produce the mating serum or they will both die. His death is inevitable but he must save her or it will destroy him.
 She thought she’d been hired to find a cure for ravaging diseases but Mariyah’s job as a microbiologist took a deadly turn. When her own blood shows promising results, she ends up becoming the Lifespan Institute’s key to the Fountain of Youth. Within minutes, she’s terrorized and left bleeding out on the cell floor of a mysterious prisoner who has fangs. Before he can take her life, she ends up begging that he spare her, even though he is the embodiment of all her worst nightmares. She doesn’t want to die. What she isn’t prepared for is falling for a tortured, broken vampire. Now, she will do anything to help him escape.
To save his life, Mariyah turns to the only people who have the power and knowledge to help, the Kan Asma refugees now living in West Hollywood. She plays a dangerous game of double agent as an ally to these powerful vampires. Time is running out and she is desperate to help the prisoner escape before the Director executes him. A plot is set and the pieces are put in place. She must risk her life to save him from certain death and get him away from that hellish prison. If she’s captured, the Kan Asma could lose everything they fought so hard to protect in their new world. Even worse, if she lost him, it would break her apart. Because, she has given him her heart and failing him is not an option. He deserves to be free. To live, to laugh and to love. She is willing to do anything, even sacrifice herself, to set him free.

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Hope you are having a wonderful summer and staying cool.
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