Monday, January 16, 2017

Ride Along With Christa Paige

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Let's take a moment to reflect on the wonderful things that were achieved for civil rights through MLK. If you'd like more information about this day, please check out The King Center 

So, what does this Ride Along thing mean?

I know what you are thinking--Christa writes about cops. Christa is going to talk about being in a cop car and hanging out with cops.

But, sorry, you'd be wrong. That's a good idea though. Maybe I should do a post about that another time. Just need to pin down the LEOHubby and get him to let me go on a ride along, first.
(He just said, No Way! LOL)

Well, darn it. He's so stubborn.

So, when I say Ride Along, I mean, we are going to talk about the awesome recumbent bikes at the gym.

WAIT don't run away. I promise not to talk about that dreaded word (exercise) too much. Instead, I will tell you about what prompted me to go try out this bike and why I love it.

Oh, and how much it helps with my writing.

One of the tough things about being an author is sitting on my bootie for long periods of time. If I am stagnant for too long, my body goes stiff and my brain turns to mush. My disability requires movement or there will be consequences. I have a treadmill and I used extra wood flooring tiles to make a standing work space on it, but the thing is dated and old and in the stinky garage. I needed something more exciting.

My daughter said I should try riding. She does cycling classes. They look like this:


Seriously terrifying for someone like me who is more of a biking meanderer than an actual cyclist.

If I stayed home to do this riding thing, I would totally invest in this bike. Of course, only if it came in recumbent. (I can't do the regular bike because I have a lame body.)


The bike I am talking about though, is really a fun little machine. Please note, this is not an endorsement. Just sharing what I like to use for my own personal use.

So, when I go to ride this bike at the gym, I get to select a course. Last time I rode the loop around the Eiffel Tower. The time before that, I rode through the forests in Germany. And before that...Melbourne. The video screen is clear and it almost seems like I am riding those trails. It integrates the incline and feels a little bumpy or rough, when on dirt. Plus, you can connect your phone and it interfaces with it. You can watch television. Play games. Swipe the screen to see your stats. Before you know it, 45 minutes have gone by. And, I look forward to going and riding it again,

So, this is the bike:

And, that's how I get myself moving. When I get through with my time on the bike, and if I am feeling up to it, I head over to the treadmill made by the same company and get walking. Next time, I am picking a route in Italy. I bet there are tons of hills.

It'll be fun. Right?

One of the benefits of riding the bike is that my head gets clear. Which means more room for thinking on my stories. More freedom to muse. I find that I'm more productive when I am taking an hour or more out each day to make my body move. As someone who has been disabled for over 21 years, I know how hard it is to be motivated to do that. For me, it helps in more ways than just the dreaded exercising. If it means I write more, then, it is totally worth it!

What's your favorite exercise equipment? Do you love or hate going to the gym?
Is exercise not your thing?
No judging here. I'd just love to know.

I hope you have a blessed week.

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