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50 Gays of Shade by Kayelle Allen

Fifty Gays of Shade

Welcome to Shady Business, the hottest gay BDSM club in town. Owned by Grey Shade, it's the place you want to be if you're into leather, whips, crops, and hot and steamy sex.
Each story in this anthology takes the reader inside the club for a steamy, hot night filled with passion, sex, and leather.

From love stories that pluck at the heartstrings with riding crops to subs masquerading as Doms, from virginal first-time forays into the scene, to tales of experienced members in the leather community, there's something for every reader here. Top or bottom, Dom or sub, every need is met, every desire filled.

At Shady Business, no good deed ever goes unpunished.

Now available from Torquere Press.

Excerpt from Kayelle Allen: "Bill Me"

When an old member of the Shady Business BDSM club returns from a hiatus, he meets a new member searching for a proper identity and a master who'll help him find it.

Shade used a keycard to open a passageway to his office and the play room area. Gesturing between the two, he quirked his brows, giving me a choice of location. I opted for the privacy of his office, and he opened the door.
Little had changed here, other than a few additional awards on the wall. I sat in the leather chair opposite his desk. He flipped open a cabinet and withdrew a bottle of whiskey and two glasses, handing me one. Shade surprised me by dropping into the chair next to mine. He poured generously, set down the bottle, and leaned back.
"You want to tell me what's up?" He gazed at me over the rim of the glass while he sipped.
I swirled the whiskey, gave it a sniff, and smiled over at him. "What do you mean?"
He pulled a face. "We going to play a head game or are you going to tell me what brings you here -- wearing a three piece suit-- after fifteen months away?"
"Fifteen months? What, were you counting the days?"
"You were here for my birthday party for the past five years, and then missed it last year. I happen to know yours is in three days. We always celebrated together when you were in town. So yeah, I fuckin' know the number of days." He downed the rest of his drink, set aside the glass, and folded his arms across his beefy chest. "What's with the suit?"
"In town on business." I hesitated, but remembered this was Shade I was talking to, and sighed. "Corey moved out six weeks ago."
"No shit? You okay?"
"Yeah. Now."
Shade shook his head. "I'm sorry, Erik. You here to get back in the saddle?"
I took a slug of the whiskey, wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, and then finished it. "Figured it's time."
He sat forward. "Looking for the same type?"
"Hell, no. Older. He was twenty when we met. I need someone a little less..." While I struggled for the best description, Shade supplied an apt one.
"Full of shit?"
We both laughed. He poured me another drink. The sound of the liquid sloshing into the glass filled the silence in my head.
"Yeah. That'd work." I sipped.
"We've got some new talent. You walk in wearing that suit, and they'll be licking your shoes."
I polished off the drink, and refused another. "Not really what I want licked tonight."
Fifty Gays of Shade
Includes stories by Kiernan Kelly, Kayelle Allen, KC Burn, Lydian Harker, CR Guilano, Sascha Illyvich, Wt Prater, Emily Moreton, CC Bridges, Wade Kelly, CB Conwy, DC Juris, Amelia June, KC Wells, Winnie Jerome, PT Walden, and Sean Michael.

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