Thursday, August 9, 2012

13 Things I Learned from the Olympics

Olympic Rings
1. Women are powerful. Okay, I knew that, but watching the women's gymnastics team brought it home in a wonderful way.
2. You can eat great food when in England. I'd heard English food was bland, but after seeing some of the programs online that focus on local color during the Olympics, I've changed my mind. Still not sure about trying bubble and squeak, though.
3. I discovered that the Queen of England is fearless when it comes to jumping out of planes. ;) (or her stunt double is, anyway)
4. I learned that I still don't understand how the human body can endure the rigors of nonstop sports. I get winded shopping, so it's incredible to see what these athletes go through.
5. I can have fun with my hubby watching sports that I'd never have thought about watching otherwise. Neither of us is exactly a sports nut, and I didn't even know how to pronounce "dressage" before the Olympics. But we both enjoyed seeing beautiful horses jump over decorated obstacles.
I "get" swimming
6. I understand one event completely: swimming. You jump in, swim to the far end as fast as you can, and come back before anyone else to get the gold. How hard is that to figure out? Still confused about most other sports, but I've got this one.
7. Watching the opening ceremonies taught me that James Bond is real and actually does report to the queen. Who knew? ;)
8. Everyone else probably knew this, but I discovered what a terrific body Ryan Lochte had, and was stunned by how he stays in such great shape. Tractor tire lifting? Really? Wow.
9. I now know which channel number on my cable lineup is NBC. I don't watch much on this network. I thought it stood for Now Being Canceled, because everything I like lasts one season. The Olympics is only two weeks, so that's probably why they gave it a shot. (Awake, The Event, The Firm)
10. I know who the folks are on the Today Show now. I've been awake early, and my office is adjacent to the bedroom. Since hubby is still sleeping, I watch their show. Well, since the beginning of the Olympics, anyway. I kind of like the way they take on odd things, like their tour of London, and watching Al Roker and Matt Lauer dress up in wrestler's spandex. Okay... maybe not that last part. But they are good sports.
11. I've learned some new names since the Olympics began. I'm not a sports person, but the Olympics is not about sports so much as it is about excellence and human spirit, and I'm very interested in that. I had not heard of Usain Bolt, but now I know more about him. Click here to see an amazing graphic that shows how far ahead of every other Olympic runner he really is.
12. I learned that I still love the music from Chariots of Fire. It never gets old no matter how many times I hear it, or whether it's played in a parody (the Today Show) or for dramatic effect.
13. The Olympic spirit is still alive and burning brightly. Hope to do this again in four years!

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Gale Stanley said...

Great Post! I've been to England. Wish I could have been there to watch the Olympics.

Kayelle Allen said...

I want to go too. It looks like a fun place. I've never been there. Always wanted to see Stonehenge!