Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Immortality -- A Cruel Fate

Luc Saint-Cyr, an immortal.
I write about the Sempervians, a race of genetically designed warriors who became too powerful for humans to control. It took hundreds of years to capture what humans hoped was all of them. It wasn't, but those captured were imprisoned on a world called Sempervia, as far from Earth and as far out on the edge of the galaxy as one could go. Humans stripped them of every vestige of technology and abandoned them with only seeds, gardening tools, and scant rations. When safely off planet, the humans unlocked the immortals' steel, coffin-like boxes. Most died from starvation before the first crops came in, but their metabolism refused to allow them the peace of death. They died repeatedly the first year on Sempervia.

Izzorah, Luc's forever love
Over the centuries, the warriors carved out a home for themselves, licked their wounds, used their enhanced memories and unique gifts, and rebuilt their technologies. They called themselves the Reborn. Pietas, one of the original leaders, proved too powerful and dangerous even for immortals to handle. Eventually, they exiled him from their world, along with one hundred of his followers.

Pietas is now free to gain their revenge on mankind. He plans a step-by-step galaxy-wide coup that will destroy those who dared imprison him. Unknown to the exiles, Luc is a spy, planted by the Reborn. One false step and either side could destroy him to protect themselves.

Wallpaper featuring Luc's Names and Lives
Luc is in all my Tarthian Empire books. The stories reveal his life and those of the mortals whom he protects. To other immortals, Luc Saint-Cyr is the strongest leader. Humans see Luc as he makes himself appear: the empire's most overwhelming, indefatigable, wealthy-beyond-dreams, trend-setting entrepreneur. Should I mention that one of his gifts is mind-blowing sex? Hmm. He's as happy with women as he is with men. Or, he was, until he met Izzorah in the book Surrender Love...

I uploaded wallpapers showing Luc in all his Sempervian glory, from his black-black eyes to his glorious physique. You can read more about him on this page. and see art on this one  Izzorah is featured on this page.

My DeviantArt gallery has full sized versions of the "Name" wallpaper. It features 18 identities he has held over the past few centuries.  If you live forever, you must become adept at hiding who and what you are.

When you're immortal, one of the curses is never being able to stay in one place. Saying good bye doesn't get any easier just because you do it again and again. If you were immortal, what would you dislike the most?


Savanna Kougar said...

If I were immortal one of the things I would hate most is watching a society destroy itself, and murder all those who are good at heart and soul. I would hate seeing all the incredible beauty of the people, their creations... and the animals, the plants destroyed by a few soulless psychopaths. That is, if I, as an immortal, could do nothing to stop it.

Kayelle Allen said...

What would be good is to be immortal and have the power to do something about it! Hmmm. Unlimited life + power could be dangerous. I agree with you Savanna. That would be a bad thing. I wouldn't like being powerless.

Savanna Kougar said...

Power is always a double-edged sword like fire. Good when it helps keep you warm and fed. Bad when it destroys homes and kills.