Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fearing What Others Fear by Kayelle Allen

What Scares You?
Are you afraid of things that frighten others? Why should you be afraid of something that hasn't proven itself a threat in your life? Why should you fear what others fear, simply because they fear it?

Before I was published, I read articles about writers whose work was rejected. I saw the statistics about how many rejections you would get before you were accepted. It was all very humbling. I became certain it would be that way for me. I was afraid I would quit if that happened, and then my dream of writing would die. That frightened me more than writing. I believe one reason I didn't try to be published was so I didn't have to face that fear.

For many years, I wouldn't submit my work. When I achieved greater confidence in my skill and sent my first manuscript to a publisher, it was in Feb 2004. By that April, I had a contract.

Whether I had succeeded or failed, the message is the same. Don't let the fear of what others fear become yours. Don't own failures others have claimed. Take the next step in your journey. Leave your own footprints. When you reach a wall, don't stop. Look around and find the next place you can step forward, and then go.

What is the wall you're facing now? Where are the toeholds you can use, and where are the handholds? How are you going to scale it? If you can't scale it, then how wide is it, and how are you planning to go around it? I'd like to hear your story.


Author Nikki Prince said...

This is a great post. I too have those fears it is mostly because this is something I have wanted to do since the age of 12. The unknown, the what-ifs. But like you I made the plunge last year and submitted. I did get two rejections and I almost let that keep me down. I resubmitted on March 13, 2012 and got an acceptance letter on the 22nd of March. So...I say even when fears are realized, one should keep at it.


Kayelle Allen said...

Way to go, Nikki! We can learn not to touch a hot stove by seeing others do it and learning a healthy fear. When we learn an unhealthy fear based on "what-if" then we need to step past that and act. Well done.

William Kendall said...

Excellent post, Kayelle, and the rock climber in me appreciates the last bit!

The wall I've been working on climbing past the last year and more hasn't been fear, but one of depression and toxic family relationships.

Kayelle Allen said...

William, those can sure kill the writing bug. I moved hundreds of miles away from a toxic relationship and have been glad I did. Hopefully you will find a satisfying way to deal with the situation.