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Deleted Scene: Khyff at the Starport

Khyff Antonello.
I'm sharing a deleted scene from the book For Women Only. This was part of an alternate ending for the book. In the scene, Khyff had packed his bags and left the house, abandoning Mehfawni to protect her and his brother. He has second thoughts about his plans. In the final version, he did not escape the threat, and his life was in peril. I deleted this scene because the other packed a much bigger emotional wallop.

- - -

Felidae, Ruh Township
Takhee Ahnrrah Starport

Khyff left a note for Senth and NarrAy that he would see them when he could make arrangements and left the date open. They would be safe on Felidae. Mehfawni might hate him, but she would not go back on her word.

Except where it pertained to traitors, and that was him.

He dragged the wheeled bagbot with him to ticketing and bought passage back to Tarth. No doubt he'd step off the ship and into the arms of Praetorian. Empress Destoiya could be rather unforgiving. All the females in his life seemed to be that way.

Somehow right now, Destoiya seemed the lesser of two evils when it came to fury.

A sure sign of how far down I've gone.

He let out a long sigh. The flight he wanted would not board for another six hours, so he wandered through the shops and market, keeping an eye out for horse droppings on the sidewalks. Barbaric world. Barbaric people. But he'd come to appreciate them.

The sign above the terminal entrance caught his attention. Takhee Ashnrrah Starport. "Huh. House of Big Wings."

New words courtesy of Mehrenn Ruh. Would her father hate him as much as Mehfawni did? The image of the pond in the rear courtyard came to mind. The deep dark water, the feel of a golden fish nibbling grain from his hand. The cameraderie of two men, two males, enjoying such a simple thing as a beautiful fish.

The whoosh sound of a train interrupted his thoughts. Across the terminal behind the shops, the only tube train on Felidae scooted to a stop. It ran between the starport and the main city, a distance of only thirty city blocks.

His mother had thrown herself in front of it and died.

Khyff turned to the right. Icons of children playing with a ball marked the day care center. He took a step toward it. Waited awhile, deciding if he truly wanted to see inside. One more step. Another. He walked to the window.

Short tables and chairs gathered in one corner, a center for art nearby. Books and toys lay tumbled in bins beyond. On the other side, children gathered around an adult who read a story. Over in the corner near the other window stood a small blond human boy, about four years old. The child pressed his face to the glass and looked both directions, searching. His smile lit up. A woman with blond hair approached and waved at him. The boy ran to get the woman reading the story.

Khyff turned away.

If his mother had come back for him. . . If she had only come back for him. . .

Mehfawni's words rang in his mind. "She thought you'd be safe."

But he hadn't been safe. He'd never been safe again.

Until he met Mehfawni. He'd been safe with her.

Khyff dragged the bagbot over to the train station and deactivated the bot's mobility unit. He tossed his coat across it and walked to the edge of the platform.

Was this where his mother had died? Was this where she had decided that life hurt too badly to face?

"A whore and the son of a whore," Mehfawni's grandmama had called him. Perhaps she was right. Perhaps he would never be good enough for anyone to love. Maybe he should do the honorable thing. . .


Khyff turned. The small boy he'd seen in the day care window stood beside him.

"You dropped this." His small hand held up a slip of paper.

"I did?" He took it from him, opened it and smiled. It read, "You're not alone."

The slip of paper he'd found inside his napkin. He'd put it in his coat pocket and it must have fallen out when he'd tossed the coat over the bagbot.

"Thank you." Khyff squatted to be on the boy's level and smiled up at his mother. "I appreciate this more than you know."

"That's okay." The boy waved a hand and walked away, holding his mother's hand.

Khyff rose slowly, looked at the paper again. Maybe this wasn't just a sign from Destoiya. Maybe he really wasn't alone.

Mehfawni had said she loved him. "I am a warrior. I do not lie." She'd asked him to marry her. "I will love you forever."

Khyff opened the bagbot and started poking through it. He'd packed in a hurry, but surely, surely, he had brought them along. He had to find them. They were the perfect thing to recapture the heart of a princess.
- - -
For Women Only
Antonello Brothers 2: For Women Only (a Tarthian Empire Story)
by Kayelle Allen
Khyff is a master of pleasure with a tortured soul. Can Mehfawni redeem the man her people destroyed, or will he destroy her for trying?
When Kin Ambassador Mehfawni Ruh visits the capitol planet of the Tarthian Empire, she meets the human Khyff Antonello, a master of pleasure who satisfies her every craving for illicit and taboo sex. She expects a fling, but finds love. Upon discovering her own people devastated his family, she longs to restore all they destroyed, but some tragedies can never be reversed. Her family demands she cast out the human, for if she keeps Khyff, she must deny her heritage and abdicate her future rule. Mehfawni searches for an alternative, and stumbles upon Khyff's darkest secret. Now, she must decide -- is his fragile trust the response of love and a healing heart -- or a ruse for revenge?
Warning: this book contains smokin' hot sex, humor, and angst. This combination has been proven to be addictive. Author assumes no responsibility for the reader's battery consumption in adult toys while reading this book.
Antonello Brothers 2: For Women Only (a Tarthian Empire Story)
Genre: Erotic Science Fiction Romance, Action Adventure, Multicultural, Interspecies
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