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Adult Toys in the Future

I've been doing research on sex toys of the future (no, really!) and needed to know what types of vibrators are available now, so I could think about how they might be different in the future.

I'm open to suggestions and ideas! Here's a link for your own research, and a cool image of samples I came across on a site.

Adam and Eve

Below is a scene from At the Mercy of Her Pleasure in which the heroine is using a sex toy that has some futuristic connotations. If you can think of new ideas for this... I'm interested.


**Warning: At the Mercy of Her Pleasure contains smokin' hot sex, humor, and angst. This combination has been proven to be addictive.**
Setting up the scene: Captain NarrAy Jorlan of the Resistance has returned from hiring thief Senth Antonello for what he's been told is a simple retrieval of confiscated goods. In fact, he's aquiring a locket into which a secret code has been inscribed. That code leads to the final step of NarrAy's parent's research, and is the reason they were murdered. The actual mission starts in the morning, so right now, NarrAy is taking the night off to relax. A Better, her genetic code has been enhanced for every aspect of life; she sees, hears, thinks, moves, and responds at rates beyond human. You wouldn't think that this half-human, younger thief would interest a woman who knows her own mind and is no stranger to controversy. In truth, a little bit of innocence may be exactly what she needs.
After her debriefing, NarrAy returned to her cabin. She locked the door and set the privacy indicator to full block, then kicked off her high heels and took off her red party dress. The liberation movement had spent a tradestandard month raising funds for this mission, and she couldn't waste one drak of it. But even the combined cost of their party clothes, flying to Tarth via an empire-class sleepliner, reserving the finest suite in the biggest hotel, ground transportation, and the flight back hadn't come close to what they'd paid to hire Senth.

She laid a hand against her chest. “Please let him be worth it.”

Wearing only a pair of the red thong panties Encie had purchased for her as part of the mission, she hung the dress inside her bagbot and stuffed the shoes into their cubby. She stepped back and took in the meticulously arranged articles of clothing, hung according to length and grouped by color—most of them red—and nothing she'd ever pick for herself. One of the drawers had panties and bras folded and placed with their cups tucked into one another, each bra lying beside the others in neat rows. Thongs were grouped by color. The smaller drawer held an array of cosmetics, none of which she recognized. Beyond her preferred fragrance-free soap and moisturizer, the rest belonged to the persona she'd display during the mission.

At the Mercy of Her Pleasure.
NarrAy chuckled. “I know Encie did all this.” The plain white cotton briefs NarrAy wore under her uniform were conspicuously absent. No doubt still crammed into her top drawer and mixed with white bras and gray uniform socks. No one inspected drawers or closets in the officers' quarters. The ship's droid staff laundered and pressed her uniform, cleaned her entire cabin, and made the bed. She'd long since given up any pretense of personal organization anywhere but in her work, and she had an aide for most of that.

What mattered were results, and results were what she was known for.

She toed the drawers shut, slipped off her panties, and stepped out of them, leaving them on the floor. She glanced back at the bunk and then tossed herself onto it. She rubbed one foot against the other, hands linked behind her head. The high heels had no arch supports, made her feet ache, and put stress on her shoulders and lower back. Yet women wore them routinely so they could walk around on tiptoe for the purpose of attracting men.

All I have to do is enter a room and my pheromones grab them by the nose. She chuckled. Among other parts.

She drew up one foot and began rubbing the arch. Encie had painted NarrAy's toes a light red to match her fingernails. Supposedly the special glossrylic applied to her nail beds guaranteed they wouldn't chip or peel, and changing color was as easy as touching a wand to a color sample, which then transferred to her nails with a single tap on each.

She arched her foot, lowered it, and then massaged the other for awhile. The tight dress had left a mark across her chest, and a thin line still showed against the fair skin of her bosom. She slid one finger along it, then applied more pressure with her thumb. The organic process of a firm touch, even of her own skin, stimulated her pheromones.

Her breasts tingled with the initial release, her nipples tightening into hard buds. NarrAy gasped at the unintended arousal. The mingled scent of vanilla and butter made itself evident. In such a confined space, the effect of the sugar-cookie scent was instantaneous. The scent of other Betters had no effect, but her own sent her into bliss. Her feminine parts warmed and became instantly wet. She writhed against the cotton blanket, its texture stimulating her even more.
“Damn it! I hate when my body does this to me.” She got up and took two steps toward the private head within her cabin for a cold shower. No, that would hurt before it helped, and my pheromones are still going to be in the room. Even the ship's ventilation can't remove them all. She turned and set one knee on the bed, opened a drawer tucked into a panel, and grabbed the egg-shaped toy on top of the other items. I never have to rummage through drawers for this little baby. I use it way too often not to know right where it is.

She sat, felt for the remote under her pillow, turned on the tiny screen, and chose her preferences. Let's see—Penile size: Kin. Diameter. What? This setting isn't on the human penis size. Are Kin that much bigger? How do you calcu—Screw that. She chose Circumference instead. Bigger than I can get one hand around, so that would be… She hesitated and then tapped the Six key. Wait. This is Tradestandard inches, and Senth's a HalfKin. She changed it to seven. Length. NarrAy chuckled, tapping the Nine key. Hey, a girl can dream, can't she? Movement. She keyed through her choices. Thrusting, Vibrating, Rotating, Half Rotations, Custom. She chose the last and then clicked Thrusting and Vibrating. It wouldn't actually move. A weight inside the toy would plunge against the rounded tip and then roll back. The last option was Speed. With a grin, she selected Slow. Oh yeah. Gonna do a Kin, gotta make it last.

She reclined on the bed. While she'd been setting her preferences, the egg had warmed itself to her body temperature and begun secreting lubricant along its surface. She drew back one knee, reached down, and inserted the toy.

The silent instrument activated at once. It lengthened and widened in smooth increments, soon filling her. NarrAy relaxed her body and allowed the toy's sensations to overtake her. Its gentle vibration made a constant thrum against her G-spot. The feel of a cock thrusting into her made her moan.

Feels so real. So good. Mmm. So so good. She cast aside the remote and placed her feet wide apart.
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