Thursday, January 26, 2012

13 Reasons Why I Read Romance

There are many reasons to read Romance, but here are thirteen I think you'll enjoy.
I read for the heroes.

1.                  Falling in love is a wonderful feeling, and watching someone fall in love is the next best thing.
2.                  Seeing a hero and heroine overcome conflict and end up together at the end of a story makes me feel good.
3.                  The world is full of sad stories and disappointments, but the happy ending of a Romance book is something I can count on.
4.                  There is a subgenre within Romance for any kind of book I want to read, from Science Fiction to historical, paranormal to suspense, and everything in between.
5.                  I like reading about wounded alpha heroes whose heroines help them get back on the horse and get going again.
6.                  Tough and sassy heroines who kick ass and take names make my day, and my favorite Romances always feature them.
7.                  What could be finer than a Romance set in the Highlands of Scotland?
8.                  I grew up reading Science Fiction, and never understood why the book stopped just when the story got to the sexy part -- SciFi Romance is one of my favorite genres.
9.                  Romances are often part of a bigger story -- battling a monster, saving the world, defeating prejudice, healing a family -- and they make the bigger picture worth more because they showcase true love.
10.             A romantic heroine who realizes her own worth, power, and strength, and who finds herself working side by side with a man she trusts are priceless.
11.             One of the most intriguing subgenres of Romance is called M/M, or male male, and features two heroes. I think if a little testosterone is good, a lot must be awesome.
12.             Is there anything sexier than a vampire who falls in love, and must overcome his clawing, innate hungers in order to woo the mortal he loves?
13.             The heat level of a Romance can be whatever I want it to be, because within all those varying subgenres is a level of sensuality that is right for me. They can be as sweet -- or as hot -- as I want to read.

Why do you read Romance?
Kayelle Allen is an award-winning, multi-published author. Her heroes and heroines include badass immortals, warriors who purr, and agents who find...well, the unfindable. And sometimes (shh!) make them disappear again. She is known for unstoppable heroes, uncompromising love, and unforgettable passion. You can find her on the web in these places:


Savanna Kougar said...

Hi Kayelle, I read.write romances for most of the reasons you stated. ~smiles~

Kayelle Allen said...

Thanks Savanna. I should do a Thursday 13 on reasons not to read them and make up totally bogus reasons. LOL Hmm... that actually sounds like it might be fun! ^_^

Savanna Kougar said...

Oooh, Kayelle, that could be fun... sort of like a tongue-in-cheek top 13 reasons not to read romance.

Kayelle Allen said...

I'm going to do that for next time. I've already started jotting down reasons. ^_^