Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday 13: Thirteen Lines from an Alley

Warning: At the Mercy of Her Pleasure features a half-feline thief who plays with what he steals, and a by-the-book military heroine whose passion he liberates. Author not liable for items missing once book is open, including hearts.

At the Mercy opens in an alley. Professional thief Senth Antonello's next job will take him off planet for a week, and he wants to touch base with his enslaved half brother, Khyff before leaving. After hunting through an area of Miraj City called Crooktown, Senth finds Khyff in an alley, where his older brother (a prostitute) is servicing a client. Senth hunkers down out of sight to wait, and witnesses the scene below when the client offers Khyff an outrageous sum of money as a tip.

      1.            Khyff tucked a strand of his hair behind one ear. "You already paid me."
      2.            Senth bit back a startled laugh. Khyff actually sounded as if he was turning it down.
      3.            "You made me happy tonight. Come on, Khyff. Please? Think of it as a little extra tip."
      4.            "No way. You know I can only take soft money. You think I want people knowing about us? You think I want your banker knowing you've got a slake?"
      5.            Oh, you don't want your prints in her bank's possession. Senth nodded. Or your master knowing you moonlight.
      6.            "It's debit, not registered. Untraceable. Come on." She jiggled the bracelet. "Let me do something for you. I want to."
      7.            Khyff reached out, hesitated, and then took the bracelet. "You carried this kind of money here? Are you crazy? You could have been buzzed. There are thieves everywhere."
      8.            Senth suppressed a snicker. Ain't that the truth. What would the Grand Master say if he knew I passed up a chance at a thousand draks? He shook his head. Never hear it from me.
      9.            She ran her hands over Khyff's chest. "You care about me?"
 10.            He moved her hands away. "You know I do."
 11.            "Oh, Khyff."
 12.            "Oh, Liu."
 13.            Oh, please. Senth rolled his eyes.

Check out this video about Senth and his heroine, Captain NarrAy Jorlan.

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Savanna Kougar said...

Wow, did I enjoy your 13 lines!!!